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Flight Attendant Appreciation Bags

I cannot take any credit for this idea. This comes from a dear friend of mine (and mom boss) who runs her business in order to do mission trips. Read more about what she does here. She had this BRILLIANT idea to make Flight Attendant Appreciation bags as a way to say "Thank You" and ALSO… Continue reading Flight Attendant Appreciation Bags

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Stop the “Complain Train”

Just fair warning, this may rub some of you the wrong way. There I said it, so you’ve been warned. So continue on if you don’t mind some feathers ruffled. I’ve had my fair share of “woe” is me moments throughout my life. Honestly, I spent most of my childhood, and a fair share of… Continue reading Stop the “Complain Train”


A New Venture…Pt 3

I arrived at summit with this HUGE secret in me. No one but my upline and my Success partner knew I was planning on submitting my cancellation request on Sunday while waiting for my flight. I felt like a phony. I felt like an liar. I felt like I didn't fit in, like everyone else… Continue reading A New Venture…Pt 3

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A New Venture…Pt 2

Read Pt 1 HereI had some really dark days the last few months where the blows just kept coming, but still I pushed through, I put my blinders on and I worked and then I was asked to be a part of a launch training calledTime Maximizing Mastermind with a very dear friend of mine:… Continue reading A New Venture…Pt 2

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A New Venture Begins Pt 1

Most of you know if you follow along with me on social media that back in 2016 I was laid off from my corporate job right around my daughter’s 1st birthday. Contrary to the rest of my team, I wasn’t at all “sad” about this news. Postpartum Anxiety was a very cruel reality for me… Continue reading A New Venture Begins Pt 1

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48 Hour Detox

What do you do when you just can’t take it anyone? Where the walls are literally closing in? Where all your obligations and to-do list are overwhelming you? What do you do If you have one more notification come up on your phone, or one more friend ask you to do something, you might just… Continue reading 48 Hour Detox

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Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes

Being lactose intolerant is HARD, like REALLY hard. If I had a choice- I would eat all the cheese, ice cream, and creamy goodness I could. But honestly- I get so sick off of it- it just isn't worth it anymore.People ask all the time why I don't take a "pill" so I can eat… Continue reading Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes