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It’s about time for me to walk you through my manifesto- if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you see glimpses and pieces into my world- but what truly goes through my head? Where is my heart? What am I rooted in?  My first thought upon waking: How did I wind up… Continue reading Manifesto

Sanity Savers

Cut Yourself Some Slack

I don’t know what it is with society these days but being overly tired, overscheduled, and overwhelmed is like a badge of honor. But the reality is few people ENJOY that high paced super busy life. I’m one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some social time, but honestly- these days- we… Continue reading Cut Yourself Some Slack

Sanity Savers

Time Management and Why YOU Need it

Regain Time I’m not sure why there isn’t a class truly devoted to “time management” skills in high school- but there should be. Maybe there is in some places, but I didn’t learn how to TRULY make the best use of my time and prioritize, time block, schedule, and task focus until well after college.… Continue reading Time Management and Why YOU Need it

Sanity Savers

Practice Self Compassion

Why is it that we are so easy to bring ourselves down, but when other people go through the same thing we are- we meet them with compassion?  A mother snaps at her kid after the twelfth time they’ve told them “stop touching X”- but when we’re in the same situation and we beat ourselves… Continue reading Practice Self Compassion