When I was a new mom and my husband was deployed I struggled to get the grocery shopping done. You see- going to the grocery store was a CHORE. A HUGE chore. The baby was almost guaranteed to have to nurse 10 times, spit up all over me and the groceries, and the lines- let’s not talk about the lines. Not to mention- where exactly does a baby go when you have to go to the bathroom. Grocery delivery became my saving grace. One of my favorite ways to grocery delivery is Amazon. We have prime- so it’s always free shipping and things just arrived at my door. I’m sharing with you some of my FAVORITE snacks for new moms/breastfeeding moms/and staples I couldn’t live without as a new mom doing the solo parenting gig!

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My daughter had a TON of allergies while breastfeeding (cooked eggs, gluten, sugar, caffeine, brussel sprouts) and so I followed primarily a Paleo diet. It kept her spit up to a minimum, her tummy happy, and mama feeling full and well fed. So while these recommendations are all Paleo- you obviously don’t have to be strictly paleo to use them!

10 Favorite Snacks to keep mom well feed with whole nutrients

#1 RX Bar– I love these because they are no fluff and just real whole ingredients. As a nursing mom it was vital for me to keep up my protein- and these were a favorite snack as I was nursing or running errands.

#2 Paleo Krunch Granola- I loved this stuff because like I said above- no fillers. This wasn’t packed with added sugar or preservatives I couldn’t understand. Real whole nutrients. I would grab some dairy free yogut and throw this on top, eat it with just almond milk or just straight out of the bag. Easy and filling.

#3 Barnana Plantain Chips– these were so good! Especially if you need something crunchy and salty like chips but want a healthier alternative. Plantain chips are some of my favorite snacks to snack on. I would separate these out into little plastic baggies and throw them in the diaper bag to snack on while I was out and about.

#4 Krave Jerky– Remember me mentioning the protein thing? Protein helps keep up your milk supply and sometimes I didn’t have time to cook during the solo parenting gig. This stuff is super yummy, comes in tons of different flavors, and kept me satisfied until I could make a warm meal.

#5 Kirkland’s Almond Butter– Did you see above where I noted my daughter was sensitive to SUGAR when nursing? That meant I needed to find almond butter WITHOUT sugar- that’s super hard. So Kirklands was one of my favorite brands.

#6 That’s It Fruit Bars– I love these, especially for littles, because they’re just fruit bars. Nothing added, easy to put in the diaper bag, and delicious. For all those times you don’t want to mess with fresh produce- this is a great go-to!

#7 Terra Chips– These are another favorite chip of mine when I need something crunchy. Terra is a great brand with no crazy additives either and they have an assortment of chips from sweet potato to turnips to other root vegetables. Wholesome nutrition at it’s finest!

#8 Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips– Because I’m personally allergic to dairy, this is the best alternative to chocolate chips I have found. And yes, I eat them straight out of the bag! Don’t judge.

#9 Simple Mills Cracked Pepper Crackers– Sometimes I need crackers for my almond butter, or to dip in guacamole (yes I know how weird that sounds, but they hold up better than chips sometimes!) and these are a favorite for sure!

#10 Raw Unsalted Nuts– I like variety when I eat raw nuts (remember- raw is ALWAYS better when it comes to nuts), I can only eat so many almonds or cashews, so I like the multi pack of nuts to keep me guessing! This is one of my favorites as well.

Those are my top 10 snacks for mamas that you can get off amazon. Order them in bulk so you never run out and delivers straight to your door! Win win if you ask me! What are some of your favorite snacks?