I’m not sure why there isn’t a class truly devoted to “time management” skills in high school- but there should be. Maybe there is in some places, but I didn’t learn how to TRULY make the best use of my time and prioritize, time block, schedule, and task focus until well after college. And that honestly- is a shame. I feel as though my entire adult life so far has been trying to be more efficient.

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An old boss once chastised us for how we were working in our office saying we were operating on everything is an “emergency” when things were important, that we needed to work smarter NOT harder. Did she help us figure that out? Of course not- but we were constantly reprimanded for working “wrong” without any guidance on how to fix it.

I’m over that mentality- if you’re going to critique and criticize- then you better damn well give me some tools and SHOW ME how you want something to look or function. That’s where I come in my friends. I’ve been beat up enough by horrible bosses (and believe me, I’ve had some REAL cows in my life) and I’ve managed to develop a foundation plan on HOW to gain better control of TIME and molding it to each individuals needs.

Getting a harness on time management means that you plan ahead and become a Pro-Active thinker. No more last minute scrambles the day of trying to throw together the grocery list. You now have a running list and designated time to sit down and compile all the items you need to obtain while at the store, with each day faced with a meal.

No more running to target at 8pm because you forgot you volunteered to make cupcakes for your kids school classroom the next morning. You now are aware that you need to scrub out some time a few days before to bake and decorate said cupcakes and bake everything so it’s ready to go the night before.

No more coming home from vacation bombarded by life just happening as soon as you return. think about what it would feel like to come home from your trip and having 1-2 days to do laundry, grocery shop, put away the suitcases, all while catching up on lost sleep and not entertaining anyone until you’re organized again? Sounds glorious right?

Now you- rolling your eyes saying I’m full of shit- you’re who I’m REALLY talking to. It’s not EASY to adjust our thinking caps from Reactive to ProActive, but lucky for you I’ve done the dirty work for you. I recently launched a brand new self guide for Time Management– and we start with the basics- calendar planning and how to just GET organized first. My second two will be launching before the end of the year.

But do YOURSELF a favor and stop procrastinating or waiting for a new year’s resolution to begin to “get organized”- start now.