I don’t know what it is with society these days but being overly tired, overscheduled, and overwhelmed is like a badge of honor. But the reality is few people ENJOY that high paced super busy life. I’m one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some social time, but honestly- these days- we don’t even get dressed let alone leave the house because “burnout” is real my friends.


I recently posted on facebook about my daughter turning officially “30 months” (yeah, yeah I still take those monthly pictures)- basically it was my little mini vent about how she’s STILL a horrible sleeper and now has stopped napping all the way around. I had so many moms who spoke up and said “still a good parent if you throw on the TV and hide for an hour” and you know what- they’re totally right.

It’s not realistic for your children to have 100% of your undivided attention, all day every day

It’s not realistic to accomplish daily tasks like: dishes, cooking, and showering, without encouraging your kids to play BY THEMSELVES

It’s not realistic to NOT get a break, just 30 minutes a day can do WONDERS for our mental health- and when you have a kid who wakes up all night long, isn’t napping, and says “mom” on repeat like that Family Guy cartoon- it’s enough to drive anyone to their breaking point.

So mamas, cut yourself some slack. It doesn’t make you a bad mom because you put on Lion King while you made dinner, or shut your kid in their room for an hour so you could shower without having them toilet paper the bathroom. You’re a good mom. And showing your kids that they NEED separation from you even in the same house, will make them stronger more capable children and eventually adults.

So what bag of tricks do you need to pull out to get yourself some rest today mama? To get an hour where you aren’t a hostage negotiator with a tiny terrorist in your home? Do it- and let go of the guilt!