In the beginning of my postpartum journey- there wasn’t much that made me calm down. My husband was deployed and I was learning to be a mother alone. But I had to control something- something needed to be tackled because I am a do-er- and if you have kids- you know very well- THEY DO NOTHING THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO. They’re super schedule destroyers and life suckers in the beginning- don’t hate me- you know I’m right.

This tiny infant invaded your body- was an alien inside of you- kicking you, making you sick, cramping your organs and when it came out- the only way it could communicate is through crying that literally made your soul ache. The sound of my kid crying literally made my body hurt. It was completely crazy and wonderful but mostly exhausting. And my kid came out with her own agenda and nothing I did was going to change that- so I needed to control SOMETHING. And that something was-


In the beginning it was merely me walking around the block and sometimes with the dogs. But 15-20 minutes was all I could handle- because my body felt like jello- I literally jiggled when I walked. My legs felt wide and unstable, and I got so tired from just short distances. It was like learning a completely new body all over again. But walking I could control. I could control the speed, my breath, my distance. It was something that I owned. Me alone. As I got more and more comfortable on bigger movements, I would squat some, or lunge- just stretching out my sore, swollen body from pregnancy and labor. Gradually I moved into exercise. But it wasn’t easy. But again- I controlled it. I could push myself, or step back and ease up. I determined the time limit, the weights, the distance, the resistance. I had control over every piece. And that felt refreshing.

So I’m sharing with you some of my favorite forms of movement so you may find something that you enjoy having control over:

Stroller Strides was my first real form of working out after I had my daughter and It brought me community as well as exercise. They have a wide variety of workouts now, more than they had in 2015- find one in your community and do the free trial before committing to a membership

BodyRock was my form of workouts when I was first starting- they are 12 minute + HiiT style workouts meant for little to no equipment. Anyone has time for 12 minutes and these are a great way to push yourself and work up to longer workouts- and they’re free!

Beachbody On Demand
Beachbody was a time in my life where I needed consistency at a way more affordable price then what a gym membership could bring me- and I needed variety based on my goals. They now have a year long on Demand membership at $99 where you get access to every workout released for that yearly fee. My good friend Ciara Spencer is who I refer people to for coaching- she’s a mama who advocates against diets and is a wealth of knowledge- so if you don’t have a coach- consider her!

I’ve recently been introduced to cycle bar and this is currently my favorite form of exercise. While the cost is higher- it’s an hour escape and music speaks to my soul- so imagine a super motivated rider, the best music selections, and a work promising to burn maximum calories. I leave feeling like I sweated out all my anxiety. It’s my happy place each week.

What is your favorite way to move? Did I mention one you’ve done before? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

*I received no compensation or payment for referring these sites, they are just ones I love and gave me a lot in my time of need*