I can’t believe we’ve been through 10 days already!! These last 10 days have just flown by. I’m going to be shifting gears a little bit with you over these next 3 days that are left and sharing some really big secrets with you all. These next three days rock my world when it comes to my stress and anxiety and they are part of my FOUNDATION blocks when things get tough or overwhelming.

What exactly are my foundation blocks? They are the bear basics that I need to implement in my life or go back to before I do anything else. If these things aren’t in order- nothing else will be right in my world. Stop boiling the ocean and changing EVERYTHING. Only change ONE thing at a time! Perfect that ONE thing and then more on to something else.

And with that I want to talk about a HUGE taboo subject and that is EATING. Hang on! Don’t you dare roll your eyes- because I guarantee you’ve been on some sort of “diet” or “Restriction” at some point in your life. I guarantee the thoughts going through your head around this time of the year have been about “too much” “fat” “gain weight”. And that’s because we are normal human beings. But the BIGGEST learning milestones I have made around nutrition and my eating habits I am sharing with you- and here it goes:

Fact # 1
THERE IS NO MAGIC DIET, PILL, or DRINK- there is NONE. There are THINGS that work for DIFFERENT PEOPLE- but there is not one single thing that will “save everyone”. 

What WILL save you- is you EDUCATING YOURSELF about what FEELS good for your body. Educating yourself looks like:
What foods fill you up? 
What foods weigh you down after you eat?
What foods make you feel bloated?
What foods make you feel satisfied?
Is that a craving or a true NEED?

Spending time – lots of time- testing out different things, keeping a food journal to really LISTEN to your body- is how you figure things out. It takes time and diligence- and cutting out all the noise (TV, distractions, the media) and truly listening to your body’s internal queues that it gives you. Once you find out what makes you feel GOOD versus sick, tired, bloated- THAT’S how you know what to fix and avoid when you are stressed out.

Fact #2
You should be drinking HALF your body weight in water- DAILY. 

Water is so vital to our existence- and “hunger” cues are often your body telling you that you are dehydrated. Not actually hungry- but your body needs to signal you because you didn’t pick up the earlier signs:

Dry mouth
Tiredness or crashing energy
Dry eyes, dry nose
Sore muscles

So your body sends these “hunger” cues so you will listen- but instead of EATING you should always try drinking water FIRST.

Fact #3

We are in such a rush these days that we just SHOVEL food in our mouth- want to know why people in europe are so skinny and they eat and drink all the time- because meals take several HOURS. They talk, and relax, and take their time- allowing your body to slow down and really ENJOY the food- also means that you are LISTENING when your body is FULL. So eat your meals at the table- and eat as slow as your toddler does- allot for TIME to eat, to really eat and enjoy- stop eating on the run, or in the car, or during errands.

A great friend, and health coach of mine told me to take 5 deep breaths in-between bites- it’s PAINFUL to eat that slow- but you know what- I eat LESS when I actually stop and do this. No measuring my food, no weighing my food, no cutting carbs or anything- just good old fashioned LISTENING to my body chemistry. 

So stop jumping on the next diet fad because Susie did- or because someone told you they lost 50 pounds because of some Plexus shake. Start educating yourself about nutrition and YOUR body. Want to hate the paleo chick because she’s stick thin and eating SWEETS every day- guess what it’s because SHE’S LISTENING TO HER BODY. Food isn’t good or bad. It’s FOOD. it has no moral foreground.

The number 1 way to fix 90% of your health issues INCLUDING your mental health is with NUTRITION. If you want to stop feeling like crap- stop eating and treating your body like crap- it’s THAT simple. 


Now that I’m off my soap box- you tell ME your thoughts on the matter! Drop them in the comments!