Remember yesterday- my soap box about nutrition? Well today I’m going to talk about another foundation block-


This is totally a taboo subject as well- because somewhere between the 90s and 2017 we developed this belief that sleep was overrated. All nights, energy drinks, energy pills and supplements were developed to keep us awake and performing more. So we could work harder, longer, and basically exhaust ourselves into a mental break down.

Add kids to the mixture and GOOD LORD are we TIRED. So not only have we been trying to literally be superman- doing EVERYTHING:

Clean House
Raise Kids
Run Errands
Plan Parties and Functions

Be this 1950s housewife/working mom who has to have it all in 2017. It’s 2017 people- not 1950s. Times have CHANGED. Men are now being stay at home DADS, they can now be present during BIRTH, women are WORKING and having careers- so don’t you think we should stop the whole charade about us as women DOING IT ALL? I mean c’mon- we can build the internet, have a SMARTphone- but we can’t ask our husbands or spouses to pick up the slack? What century are we living in?

I promise- I’m getting to the sleep part- but I have to get you to the back story before getting there.

By accepting that we literally have to do it ALL, we now place all this pressure to fit all these things into a 24 hour time- so we’re staying up late cleaning. We’re waking up early to DO MORE. We’re exhausting ourselves and stressing our bodies and minds out- but pushing it harder than it should be WITHOUT giving it time to rest.

Our bodies are not machines- they are living breathing organs and nerves and muscles. They do NOT run on batteries. Eventually we will crack mentally, or our bodies will physically crash if we do not give ourselves time to generate energy. So start listening to your body-

Take a nap if you REALLY need to
Go to bed at a decent hour
SLEEP in for once if your children don’t hate you like mine does
Try for 7-9 hours of SLEEP a night (if you have infants or a 2.5 like my daughter who still doesn’t sleep through the night- you have my sympathy- but do what you have to to rest and make up time).

Say no to late nights unless it’s having fun
Say no to overwhelming responsibilities
Say no to pushing yourself to your limit

Are you with me?