To go along with reading from yesterday- let’s talk about the otherside:


As moms we probably all make lists of some sort. Maybe it’s post-it’s, maybe it’s old fashioned lists, maybe it’s on our phone or paper- but mom brain is real and in my world if I don’t write it down- then all hope is definitely lost in my world. Enter in where writing comes in handy. So I’m going to share two types of writing with you- each have different purposes. But they each matter greatly in my world.

First: Writing Lists

Writing lists make or break my success in business and my home life. I have so many moving pieces in the air that if I don’t sit down and actually write down everything that needs to happen then I get completely frazzled and something gets dropped or half done.

But this list making was a process, I failed many times before I figured out what types of lists worked best, but if I fail to sit down and plan my week, then all is lost and the lists don’t matter. So while it’s simple- it’s effective. Some of my favorite list tools are:

This allows me to add people to my trello board (for example: my virtual assistant) and separate things out by what needs to be done- it’s a little bit of a learning curve- but I truly enjoy it!

Google Streak
I keep ALL my clients and prospecting clients in this- because it’s linked to my email so it’s easy as I’m responding to messages. It’s totally free and another learning curve but lucky for you there are hundreds of tutorials on youtube on how to use it

Weekly Schedule NotePad
I loved this because I could make giant lists for each day and check them off as they got completed. And each week I could rip it off and move on. Super simple and didn’t even use the “time” slots for times- I just listed things all the way down each day. Simple- but loved it

Second: Journaling

I’ve done several different types of journaling. Journaling my thoughts, devotionals, blogging- but my favorite was when I was doing an appreciation journal. Every day I would wake up and write down one thing that I was thankful for that my husband did. It made me really think about even the little things that he does that makes an impact on our life. I will admit- some days were hard, but when I would read back over previous months and weeks i realized how much I truly am blessed with in our marriage and relationship. This type of journaling helps my mind pull to the positive instead of the negative during the hard days.

So my challenge to you is to pick someone to do an appreciation journal on- everyday write down 1 think you appreciate about them or something they did for that day or the day before. Reflect back on how you feel with yourself and your relationship.

*I don’t receive any compensation for referring any of these- I’m just sharing because I care*