We’re going to roll right into some more organization tools after yesterday’s post about writing. Organizing can make or break my stress level. I briefly mentioned how if I fail to set aside time each week to plan out my week- everything just kind of falls apart. I’ve learned that there’s a right way to organize and there’s a wrong way. And just like with everything it takes practice. And trial and error and some really bad weeks to really see what needs to be tweaked.

So I want to tell you not to get discouraged if this takes time- to give a process at least two weeks before tweaking or trying something new. Two weeks is a good point for you to be able to reflect objectively back on a process- but three weeks is a good sweet spot. Why 3 weeks? It takes 21 days to form a new HABIT, but it takes 90 days for it to be a lifestyle change. So 3 weeks of actively working on it can really show a HUGE difference.

So here are my TOP 2 strategies for organizing to reduce stress:

1) My FREE opt in! This is my household calendar on how I organize my week with cleaning and household chores and how everyone in the house pitches in. And because no one has a whole lot of time- it’s a one page download for you!! So if you HAVEN’T downloaded it- WHY NOT? Get it here- enter your email at the bottom of the page and you’ll get an email with the download link. It’s 100% free!

2) My golden Time Management Guide- Using a calendar the RIGHT WAY! I’ve had calendars for years, but no one really walked me through how to effectively USE one- you would think it would be common sense, but for years I was over scheduling or dropping things or just overbooking myself. I’ve actually developed a step by step self guide in 5 simple steps on HOW to break your calendar down so you can see WHAT needs to get done, WHEN you can do it, and WHERE you are spending your time. Why are these things important:

What needs to get done changes daily, weekly, monthly- this helps you look at things to start at a week in advance and move into a more pro-active state where you can break things down throughout the month.

When you can do it is all about TIME MANAGEMENT- I don’t know about you but I can’t do a conference call as I’m trying to get my daughter down for quiet time. But I can clean or cook while she’s playing in the playroom. So looking at your day and WHEN you can fit things in can really help break things down for you to where you aren’t working, or answering messages on your phone, or on conference calls to and from doctor’s appointments. It’s about being intentional with your time.

Where you are spending your time is how you maintain BALANCE in your life. For years I was just filling my calendar with work, volunteering, social events and when I would reach a point and I would just crash or break down I couldn’t understand it- I wasn’t balancing my time. All go go go and no rest makes for really stressed out women. So looking at where you spend your time with my categories system can really help you break down you week and make sure not only are you getting the things done that need to get done- but you’re also getting time for you to REST and recoup, so your body and mind can get a break.

The best part is that it’s only $17- worth almost $77 with all the research and planning that went into it- I’m giving it to you at a steal. If you don’t believe me- take it from one of my private coaching clients Rachael:

“Working with you is literally like having a conversation with a close friend. I always felt like you genuinely cared about our time and my success. You were able to listen to the challenges I face and have some real input and advice on working around some of those challenges. You are a phenomenal resource and have your hands in so many pots that you were able to guide me in the right directions for whatever I needed to build my business at that time.”

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Time Management

I’ve created these things from all my failures in life on trying to balance and through this I’ve been able to help SO many women find TIME, achieve their goals, start businesses, do LESS, and finally BREATHE. If you’re still not convinced that what I do is worth it- then read other people’s words here: