I hope that some of you took advantage of either my free offering or one of my paid offerings because they really are gold (if I do say so myself) but just in case you need a little more convincing- let’s talk about Batching.

Batching? Really Lauren- what the heck does that have to do with stress free?

Batching is my form of bulking tasks together so I’m not doing the same thing all damn day. I HATE repetitive stuff- like anything repetitive- repeating myself 20 times to my toddler “Don’t touch that” “put your shoes on” makes me literally want to claw my eyes out. So batching is my BEST FRIEND when it comes to reducing stress.

Batching involves grouping like tasks together in a solid block of time. Let me give you some examples.

When I clean our home- I don’t do room by room- why? Because if I broke it down room to room I would be doing the same damn task every single day: dust, vacuum, mop/sweep, pick up. Instead I batch my tasks (which you would know if you got my free download) to where ONE day I do all the dusting in the entire house. Another day I do the floors. Another day I do the bathrooms. This allows me to only do the tasks that I truly loathe ONCE per week- see that’s not so bad right?

The same thing applies when I do doctor’s visits, or errands, or business tasks. I find like things:

Social Media scheduling- I schedule ALL my posts for my social media accounts on one day so they’re done and I don’t have to worry about missing things

Follow Ups- I hate bugging people- so I do messages to people who have orders pending, or need calls scheduled 3 times during the week instead of every day.

Email Messages- Email gets forgotten in my world a LOT, so I do this once a week (I know! I really need to get a handle on this for the new year)

Checking the mail- in all honestly- I’m just too lazy to walk across the street- so we only check the mail once a week- we never get anything important anyway….

Packing for trips/vacations- I do all of this in ONE day and I also unpack in one day- generally it’s the day before we leave and the day we get home or the immediate next morning. That way it’s done and over with and it isn’t looming.

Dentist Appointments/Doc Appointments- I did this by accident this year but I’m totally doing it again! Me and my daughter got both our dentist appts DONE in the same day- no wasting two days- we just wasted one!

Grocery Shopping- we do ALL our grocery shopping on one day- even if it means 3 different stores. I loathe grocery shopping so really- my husband does this one- isn’t he awesome?

I group them together in a block of time during the day or week- this is why managing your calendar and your time is SO important. So while I can’t make that decision on “like” items and suggest batching YOU can. So you tell me- what are some tasks that you can group together in your life to make things less stressful?