We’ve heard the saying before “it takes a village”- and for the longest time I fought against “needing” anyone other than my husband. I’m not sure why- maybe it was a control thing. Maybe it was more of me feeling weak and inadequate. Maybe it was because I liked the facade about how it looked from the outside as though I had it all together- meanwhile on the inside I was drowning.

But at some point between my daughter’s first birthday and second birthday I realized that I couldn’t keep up the facade anymore. If I wanted to thrive not just in motherhood but in my life- I needed to find some people and I needed them fast.

So today- we’re talking about collaborating. Collaborating is my favorite word for working together. Why don’t I use another word- because I like to also give to people when they need it- so instead of it being:



I like collaborating. It just sounds better doesn’t it? Okay- back to the point. There are different ways I collaborate depending on the situation- I’ll break them down for you:


  • Kid Swaps- I watch someone’s kid(s), they watch mine
  • Buddy Shopping- I go shopping with another mom friend or friend to just have someone who is sane with me
  • Playdates- I try and diversify the people my kid is exposed to- and some of my friends like different things. Sometimes we do playdates in PJs at 8am at someone’s home. Sometimes we go to parks or play structions


  • Product Trades- these are my favorite- especially if money is tight. I really enjoy trading my skills or product for something I need or want. The possibilities are endless too! Which makes it even better when you do this.
  • Guest Blogging- a great way to expand your reach and educate an audience is guest blog for someone on their website- this also applies for interviews too
  • Hiring a virtual assistant- It’s been 3 months since I made the scary leap and hired someone to help me with some administrative tasks and she has been worth her weight in gold. She handles things that used to take me a ton of time and effort and now I can pass off to her.
  • Free Challenges or Groups- people generally think you have to spend a lot of money to grow your business- but that isn’t always the case- I’m a part of several mastermind groups that have all been free and they each have their own unique challenges and pushes to help me grow my business.

Some of my favorite groups:
Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs

Rock Your Biz & Blog

Grow Your Instagram

  • Joint Effort with product promotions- I like to link up with people to divide the work on big collaborations. For example- 4 times a year we do a sampling promotion of products and I link up with two other business partners in order to divide the work. One orders supplies, one schedules the posts, one keeps track of the administration thing. We all get together and throw the kits together- it’s a beautiful thing.


  • Holiday dinners with friends- since we don’t live near family we could either spend holidays alone or sync up with others for the holidays. Thankfully we’ve been able to build traditions with families depending on the holiday. Not only is this a huge stress relief- it also allows us to do something together to strengthen our marriage.
  • Communication Counseling- we’ve been seeing a counselor for 7 months to work on some communication blocks. People shy away from counseling thinking it’s going to be horrible- but let me tell you- it’s been amazing. After 8 years of marriage we have some hard spots- and this is an open, non judgemental area that we can learn and grow together
  • Unplugged time- each week we spend some unplugged time together after our daughter goes to bed. This has to be a predetermined thing so we’re both on the same page and neither of us is on the phone- but I look forward to those moments every week- especially when my husband is on night shift.

What are some ways YOU could collaborate in 2018 to reduce your stress level?

*I receive no compensation for recommending anything- I just like sharing!*