Let’s talk about Self Care today. If you’ve been around my blogging space- then you will have seen several blog posts so far. But just incase- get a recap here:

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup 

What Is Self Care? 

Self Care can sometimes come up as this illusive idea for some people. It seems simple- yet can be incredibly hard to implement. The way I break it down for my clients is that self care should rejuvenate you. It should make you feel as though you have returned from a nice massage or a relaxing vacation. It should not involve errands, chores, or anything on your structural to do list. It should be just for you.

As moms, we’re generally last to do everything:

Get Dressed
Get New Things

And so this can be a new change of pace to start actually implementing self care into our day to day routine- but I promise you- it pays off big time, if you are strict in implementing it. Self care takes planning- you have to plan for it- and how often depends on the person and the season you’re at in your life. Some people need a little bit everyday- not much but 15-20 minutes. Some people need it once a week, while others can go several months before they need it- but the bottom line is that everyone needs it.

Some of my favorite advocates of self care are:

Brittia Kubeczka with Fringe and Fitness– she has a self care challenge that is free on her website.


Natalie Hughes with Success with Style – she’s a personal shopper but clothes can really be a huge confidence boost- especially for moms. She has a super affordable option for personal styling without breaking the bank and I’ve learned so much from her in just a few short weeks. 

There’s no right or wrong way to practice self care so long as you are filling your cup and not depleting it!

Get my free download on 50 ways to practice self care for busy moms here:
50 Ways to Practice Self-Care  

What’s your favorite way to practice self care?

*I receive no compensation for recommending these websites- I just love sharing!*