Hey guys! I’m Lauren. Since you stumbled upon my little blogging space I figured an introduction would be nice!

I’m the wife to an active duty Air Force member, mom to a 2 year old daughter this april, and puppy mama to two small breed rescues. I was born and raised on the east coast and I miss it every single day. You never realize how much you take for granted the area you live in, until you’re in a completely different cultural environment. We’ve lived in NorCal (not to be confused with beautiful beaches and sunny CA) for 5 years this October. Please Air Force, hear my plea to get the F*ck out of CA! Oh yeah, and cursing is just a part of my personality. When your family is from NY, it’s just a part of growing up.

After two layoffs in the state of CA, I decided to stay home with my daughter and build my own career. I have to say, I’ve held a lot of jobs: cultural arts coordinator, theme park worker, smoothie maker, fundraising coordinator for two nonprofits, HR coordinator for a multi million dollar company- and being a stay at home mom and work at home mama has by FAR been my favorite.

You’re probably wondering what exactly do I do- and I do a lot and sometimes it’s hard to manage all the crazy- but I’d make the decision 10000 times over knowing what I know now.

  • I own my own quilting business where I take client’s t-shirts and I turn them into blankets – you can see my work here
  • I am a health and fitness coach with Beachbody – you can follow my personal story and business here
  • I am a soon to be published AUTHOR – eeeeek – this is my prized posession here! It’s my personal journey with Postpartum Depression and how I overcame it. I launched a private facebook community about my Sanity Savers!

I volunteer with two separate organizations:

  • I’m a ZTA Alumnae (only the best get crowned baby!) where I am taking the reigns of President this year with our local Alumnae Chapter
  • I’m an area admin for a local networking group called Mommies Hiring Mommies- basically I help women figure out the balance between work and mommyhood and get to meet some incredible ladies because of it

Now that you know all the “work” that I do- you’re probably wondering what the heck I do for fun- to relax, to unwind. Pre kids, I would binge watch ALL THE NETFLIX and go for a run (running used to be my happy place, until I had to push a stroller, now I’d rather die then do that).

I play in a local BUNCO group monthly and recently have discovered the most incredible group of ladies in my own neighborhood. We founded monthly wine nights and have named ourselves the “Vagina Winologues”. Yes, for real, that’s our name. I also coordinate playdates with our birth group- a group of women who attended pre-natal appointments together before our babies were earthside.

I have the biggest travel bug of anyone I know. My husband is always having to reign me in on my wants and desires, because if life were up to me, I would be following in The Bucket List Family’s footsteps and selling all our possessions and traveling the world full time. We just returned from an incredible vacation to Prague, Krakow, and an unexpected layover in Stockholm. I’m planning trips to New Orleans, San Diego, Phoenix and Mexico for later this year as well.

I LOVE my alcohol- like seriously, it’s just a part of our weekly life. We’ve recently gone vegan for health reasons, cause MAN do I love some meat, and if it wasn’t for a good reason, I would never give that up.

I’m pretty straight to the point which can totally bite me in the A** sometimes and tends to rub people close to me the wrong way sometimes, but I am unapologetically me. And I’m fine with that fact. I think we, as a society, spend enough time trying to come across as perfect, and less people tell it like it is- that for me, I’d rather just know what life is like for REAL the good, the bad, and especially the UGLY. Just give it to me straight. Don’t beat around the bush.

Basically, I have my hands in a TON of different pots, and believe it or not- I’ve actually taken things OFF my plate in the last year. This is a manageable crazy for me!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little space. Grab some wine and enjoy my journey- I’m a pretty open book, so if you have questions, shoot me a message on one of my pages, or comment here. I’d love to connect!