Ahhh such a good question and also an excuse. If you’re like me- you used every excuse in the book to avoid working out at home.

  • i don’t have room
  • i don’t have equipment
  • i can’t focus
  • i don’t have the motivation
  • my kids get in the way

But if you’re also like me- the reality of driving to a Gym and using a membership was also full of excuses:

  • All the classes I want to do are during nap time
  • I can’t wake up early enough to go before the baby wakes up
  • it’s took late after work to go- i need to go home and cook dinner
  • the baby has a runny nose so I can’t use childcare
  • the baby hates the childcare room so I can never get a workout in
  • the gym is 25 minutes away, it’s too far
  • i don’t know what to DO in the gym
  • people will look at me and judge me
  • i feel self conscious

Something has to give right? If it’s important to you, you’ll make it a priority. If it’s not- you’ll make an excuse. We can always come up with a reason why we can or can’t do something, that’s human nature. If we really really want to do something- then we DO it- right? No excuses. A friend calls and desperately needs us- we jump to their rescue, people ask to do a playdate, if we WANT to do it- we make time, if not we say “maybe next month”.


The fact is, if you WANT to workout, you have to make time for it. I’m not saying it will be easy, some days it may take every ounce of will power you have left to finish a workout. But you’ll get it done. But don’t boil the ocean.

I’ll say it again:

I recommend that someone who is starting to workout- aim for 3 days a week. 20-30 minutes each day. And “workout” doesn’t me jumping right in and throwing some iron around like a crossfitter. It means MOVING, and finding out what types of workouts you LOVE.

Try Dance, HiiT, Cardio, Weights, Yoga, Circuit- there’s a million different types of workouts. What I love best is using On Demand- it gives me access to over 40 programs in full so I can choose what I want to do and create my own hybrid workout. I can choose the days I am aiming to workout, pick the workouts I want, print the calendar off and VOILA! There it is, staring me in my face in the office. If I try a workout and hate it- I never have to do it again. If I love it- I can do more of it. If I feel like following a program from start to finish- one kind of workout- i can.

Get the picture?

Don’t know where to start? I can help with that.
Don’t know where you can fit in the time? I can help with that.

Don’t know what to do when your toddler keeps interrupting you for a snack, potty break, or because they threw something in the sink for the 20th time? I can help with that too.
Don’t have equipment- you don’t need it.

Don’t have much “room”- you don’t need it.

You just have to start somewhere. And it doesn’t have to be crazy, you just have to start. Once you start, it’s all about keeping going. And that’s where accountability with make or break your journey- but that’s a topic for another post.

Are you ready to make a plan then?