I can attribute one single thing to the success of my health and fitness journey. The one thing that kept me from yoyoing, from starting and stopping over and over again.

That one thing is SO simple and yet so powerful.

It wasn’t a workout routine, it wasn’t eating the right foods, it wasn’t counting calories or hitting the gym.

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It was personal development. 10 minutes a day of diving into a book or podcast. That’s it.

I know what you might be thinking “I am FINE! I don’t need any feel good book” or maybe it’s “I’m not the problem! (insert name) is!”

But if you’re thinking those things- then you’re just like I was 2 years ago- and I couldn’t be more wrong. You see here is what I thought personal development was:

Hippie Voodoo Stuff that people who hate their lives and need to read to make themselves feel better.

You’re welcome for that bout of honesty right there.

But here is what Personal Development really IS:

It’s that light when the world is SO dark and beating you down.

It’s the ONE positive constant in your everyday when you’re losing your battle.
It’s the ONE thing encouraging you to keep trying
It’s the explanation to something you have never understood before

So when life was starting to get too heavy, too mundane, too hard, too awful. Diving DEEP into myself was the only thing that kept me showing up every single day.

Personal development isn’t just feel good self help books either. Personal Development needs to push you, encourage you, and challenge you. You should read or listen to a podcast everyday for 10 minutes a day and leave feeling GOOD, energized, and motivated.

If you don’t like reading- podcasts are FREE and abundant from things about managing money, to sex in your marriage, to loving YOURSELF even though you aren’t where you want to be weight wise.

If you love reading, there’s plenty of avenues to find them: Amazon, local library, Kindle just to name a few.

So if you’re MISSING something in your health and fitness journey- I guarantee it’s personal development.

So when do you fit it in Lauren?
On the drive from my house to my daughter’s gymnastics
First thing in the AM before she wakes up
While I’m cooking dinner
While I’m getting dressed
While I’m walking to our friends home for a playdate

I get it in WHENEVER I can. It’s only 10 minutes. You spend more time scrolling on your facebook hiding in the bathroom from your children then you should spend on Personal Development.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s some great resources to get you moving:



  • One Extraordinary Marriage
  • The Chalene Show
  • Bold New Mom
  • Respectful Parenting
  • The Life Coach School
  • Love your BODcast

I’m always looking to add more to my arsenal- so comment below with what is on your reading list <3