So many people ask me HOW I stay so motivated. How do I continue to show up day after day, week after week, put the time in month after month? HOW do I stay so happy? So “in the zone”. So I’m here to tell you my TOP 5 TIPS for STAYING on TRACK with your fitness or health journey.


  1. Make a Plan

    1. If I FAIL to write down my:
      *Meal Plan
      *Workout Schedule
      *To-Do List
      *Grocery List
      *House Chores
      Everything turns to dust. I’m scattered, I’m not sure what I should and shouldn’t be doing and I’m wasting valuable time trying to figure it out. I keep a paper calendar for work with my checklist of items and appointments, a paper calendar on the fridge for our family, and I do our meal planning weekly. I designate days to do all of that.

  2. Rewards Happen AFTER the work is done

    1. My new morning wake up routine is that I am NOT allowed to TOUCH my phone or social media, sign into facebook, answer messages until AFTER I do my morning miracle routine, workout, shower, and get dressed. Any time left over after that and the baby waking up- is MY time to do whatever the hell I want. Even browsing facebook.

    2. Same goes with my “work” hours- my to-do list has to get done before I can “play”. So I crank through my work so I can just “zone out” or watch something on netflix

  3. Consistency

    1. You HAVE to show up every single day. Even when you don’t want to. If I waited for the days I “wanted” to work out or eat healthy, I would only have about 5 days out of the whole month. For real. Showing up when you DON’T feel like it, gives you strength, focus, determination. It builds those building blocks so it’s easier to say “yes” when your mind is telling you “no”. It takes 21 days to form or break a habit, but 90 days for it to be a lifestyle. 90 days CONSISTENTLY. If you skip a day, it starts over. 90 Days, every single day, SHOWING UP not matter what.

  4. Plan for your downfalls and excuses

    1. A HUGE part of my fitness journey started with a ton of excuses:
      I’m tired
      I work long hours
      I want to spend more time with my husband
      The workout is hard
      I suck at cooking
      So I had to PLAN for all of those. I HATED waking up early, but with a commute, working out after work was even more unrealistic with dinner to cook. So I would set my alarm, SLEEP in my workout gear, put a protein bar next to my bed to eat while I got dressed and workout before my brain woke up.
      I was never going to GET BETTER at a workout or cooking unless I kept trying. I threw COUNTLESS dishes in the trash they were just inedible. I burned so many things in the oven. You have to DO things to get better at them. Practice makes perfect. I mean that

  5. Accountability

    1. I failed SO many times with workout programs, eating plans, what have you because I lacked one thing: accountability. There was no one showing up with me everyday, pushing me when I needed to be pushed, helping me when I had issues, praising me for those small successes. Fitness alone is not a pretty place to be. You NEED a tribe, a community of people to surround you and keep you FOCUSED on your goals.

That’s where I come in! As a health and fitness coach, I give you ALL of that and I am there with you fighting. I haven’t finished my health journey, mine is still a work in progress. But I’ve created this super supportive network of women that lift each other up, team up, and they are there through the tears and joy. There is always room for more women to add to our team. So if you want to chat more about it- I’d love to hear from you. Let’s connect and get to know each other better. Let’s help each other out.