What do you do when you just can’t take it anyone?

Where the walls are literally closing in?

Where all your obligations and to-do list are overwhelming you?

What do you do If you have one more notification come up on your phone, or one more friend ask you to do something, you might just lose it?

I strongly encourage a 48 hour detox. What is that you ask?

This isn’t a food or health cleanse- it’s a mental health cleanse. It’s an opportunity for YOU to reset- let go- and re-evaluate what is important in your life.

I’ll be sharing 5 simple steps to a mental health cleanse.

Step 1:
Cancel ALL your obligations- everything- unless you’re going to get fined like the doctor’s office for cancellations- don’t explain yourself, just kindly say “I am so sorry, but I am unable to make it to X”. And DON’T feel guilty.
Step 2:
Grocery shop or ORDER IN food for those days so you don’t have to leave the house unless you ABSOLUTELY want to. Who the fuck cares if it’s chinese and pizza for 2 days- if it relieves stress and sanity- then do it.

Step 3:
Unless it’s a health code violation- don’t clean it. Just let it ALL go for those 2 days. Unless of course- your kid decides to smear dog poop all over themselves (not like I’m saying that from experience or anything)- then by all means- bathe the filthy animal- and I don’t mean the dog.

Step 4:
TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING PHONE. Literally OFF. Turn that damn thing completely OFF. Not on silent. Not on vibrate, hold down that power button until that little red swipe option appears on the screen and turn it OFF. Better yet- hand it over to your 3 year old (or husband if you ever want to see it again)- and tell them to hide it. Somewhere you can’t find it- and you wouldn’t ever look. Pretend like it’s 1990 and cell phones don’t exist. Whatever happens in the outside world for 48 hours, it doesn’t matter.

Step 5:
Spend time just engaging with your loved ones. No schedule (unless bedtime and nap are non negotiable), make spur of the moment plans to go to the park (without meeting with friends), build a fort and watch movies, paint- get messy, etc. Laugh, run, play, sit in silence, and just ENJOY each other. Remind yourself what matters MOST. The to-dos, the job, the money all of that can go away in a moment- but so can your family. Spend some time reflecting with what is really important.


What’s stopping you from making this 48 hour detox happen?

Worries, fears, doubts? Tell all those thoughts to quit it and do this FOR YOU.

Are you ready to give it a try?