Just fair warning, this may rub some of you the wrong way. There I said it, so you’ve been warned. So continue on if you don’t mind some feathers ruffled. I’ve had my fair share of “woe” is me moments throughout my life. Honestly, I spent most of my childhood, and a fair share of my adult life blaming someone else for all my problems.

Why I got less than average grads in college

Why I worked so many hours for little pay

Why I couldn’t seem to keep friends when life got rough

Why my husband and I argued in our marriage

Why I gained 40lbs after getting married

Why I couldn’t eat healthy

Why I was bad at organizing my time and energy

Why I started things and then quit

And you know what, when I started diving into personal development, I realized the real problem was ME. I was the problem. No one else was at fault, except for me.

I was the one who chose the words that came out of my mouth

I was the one who stopped being grateful

I was the one who stopped giving and only expecting to receive

I was the one in control of my attitude

I was the one in control of my money & budget

I was the problem

So often I hear people say
“I don’t have time”
“I can’t”
“If only….”
“My husband doesn’t”

Blah blah blah, i do it too. But the truth is, you CAN do anything that you actually WANT to do. Will it be easy? Probably not? Will you have some bumps along the way and fall off, more than likely (I’d be more surprised if you didn’t).

  • So where do you go from here? How do you MAKE time? How do you get somebody on board with a different way of eating? How do you get help when you need it?
  • Communication. Communication can make or break your success. Unless you’re a single parent with literally NO help ever, everyone has some wiggle room in their day.
  • Turn OFF the phone
  • Block out time once nap or bedtime starts
  • Turn OFF the TV

  • Ask for your spouse or parents to watch the munchkins for 20 minutes while you….

  • Wake up 20 minutes earlier in your day if you need to

  • Stop volunteering or saying “yes” to stuff you don’t ENJOY doing

  • Stop overbooking and over scheduling
    Ask friends to help shuttle for sports practices

  • Mark off days on your calendar where you DON’T schedule things so you can shop or meal prep

  • Use your “lunch” break at work to ACTUALLY be productive! Most people eat at their desk nowadays anyway. You legally have to take a break so USE IT WISELY.

If it REALLY matters to you, you will do it. You will MAKE TIME. Need help and someone to walk you through options or ideas? Don’t know WHERE to start? Need an applicable plan designed for YOU and your life?

That’s what I do!! So message me, let’s get cracking!