Life is so much in the air. We have so many balls in the court right now, but we aren’t sure which is ours and which end is our goal. It’s like playing dodge ball and you’re the only one left on the court and the military is your opponent. But they have a full court left. Everyone is throwing balls and you’re just trying to stay alive.

So what do you do when you’re just running around feeling like you can’t even breathe there is so much happening?

The answer: you find a way to breathe.

1) You unplug, you take some time to NOT respond to everyone’s requests, messages, phone calls. Why? Because YOU need to breathe for a second and focus on you and your family. If you are constantly at everyone else’s beck and call- then how are you supposed to figure out things for your family?

2) You keep news to yourself until it can settle, and if you have to update news you do it in ONE message not 20- giving everyone the update at once. Nothing is more stressful than having to explain yourself 100 times over and over again. With the same questions over and over again. One message keeps everything concise and tied up.

3) You schedule some time to unwind- girls night, pedicure, hair cut, date night and you just enjoy life for a few hours- leave the stress of the unknown at home. There’s no right or wrong way to unwind. But don’t just sit at home fretting over stuff you can’t control right now.

4) You make a list- of all the questions, all the things that need to get done and you work on them one by one- make sure to leave space so you can make notes- with your brain bouncing around- sometimes you just need TIME and space to write it all down in a huge brain purge. Once that list is there you can slowly work off the list and get questions answered, but this way nothing gets overlooked, forgotten, or done twice. You can delegate tasks out between you and your family members and get the most out of all of your time.

5) Don’t sacrifice sleep for the “to-do” list. Many times we spend nights worried, fretting, researching, etc. But lack of sleep breeds emotional unrest. Make sure you’re getting all the shut eye in that you normally do. You won’t figure out the answer to stuff at 11pm anyway. Offices open just like banks- so spending all night playing google search will just make you more tired and cranky. So get those ZZZZZs in.

These are just some of the ways you can take some breaths and help conquer all the unknown of a chaotic time. Did I forget any? What are some of your chaos taming tips?