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In 2003 I became a mom for the first time at the age of 16. I was not one of those girls that grew up dreaming of having children. To be honest I really didn’t plan on having any at all. I always dreamed of being a CEO of a company, traveling the world, but without kids.

My oldest daughter was a learning lesson for me. We kind of grew up together. I was kid with a kid and didn’t know what it meant to be a mom. I’m still not sure I do. During the last 14 years I made a lot of mistakes. Those mistakes have definitely made me doubt my capabilities of being on a mom on many occasions.

Three kids later I still doubt myself. Somedays I feel like I am completely failing at this whole mom thing. Other days I feel like I am the world’s best mom. Even 14 years later I am still learning, growing, and making mistakes. Honestly I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect mom.

How do I continue to push forward even on those days when I feel like I am failing?

1)      I remind myself of all the reasons why I am a good mom. My kids are fed and dressed daily. That has to count for something.

2)      I put myself first. I know it might sound selfish but if I don’t care for myself I can’t properly care for my children. Plus I tend to lose my cool less often.

3)      I forgive myself. Holding onto my mistakes doesn’t serve me and it just puts me in a bad headspace

4)      I ask for their opinion. How am I supposed to know how I’m doing if I don’t ask them?

5)      I try not to compare myself to other moms. We are all different, our children are different, and our lifestyles are different.

It’s really easy as moms to get in a negative headspace. We can often feel like we don’t do anything right. Social media and society shows us a highlight reel of motherhood. That picture perfect, Pinterest mom. We try to do it all but inevitably fail because we are only one person.

Breaking the mold of motherhood is ok. It’s not one size fits all. Do you love your child/ren? Are they fed and well taken care of? Are you doing the best you can with what you have available? Then you are doing really well. Just think of all the children out there who don’t have that.

We always feel like we are screwing up on motherhood.  Every child comes with new and interesting challenges. There is so much information on what to do and not to do it’s kind of overwhelming. Find what works best for you and your family then do that. There is no perfect mother and as hard as we try we will always feel like we are making a mistake somewhere. What we can do is try the best we can.

You got this mommma!