Sleep Deprivation can be detrimental to moms suffering with anxiety or depression. We need time for our bodies to rejuvenate and recoup each day. We cannot operate in a constant state of stress in order to truly thrive and heal.

I want to share with you some of my top tips for going to bed earlier!

Stop all Screen time: Screen time is the enemy of unwinding. All those lights and data just keeps your brain jumped up and working. So even reading on a kindle or phone before bed isn’t helping your sleep situation. I recommend stopping screen time 1 hour prior to bed. Use this time to shower, put lotion on, read an actual paperback, stretch, do the dishes, whatever doesn’t involved the TV or cell phone.

Stop using your Phone as an Alarm: Your phone has this uncanny way of pulling you in and if you take it everywhere with you- you’re more likely to touch it or use it. Try using an old fashioned alarm clock, and if for some reason that isn’t feasible- set you phone ACROSS the room from your bed so it isn’t right next to you.

Journal: If you have a hard time shutting off your brain- take some time to journal before bed, do a mass brain dump of every thought, list, feeling, etc. Write it all down until you can’t write anymore. Try it for a few nights and see if it will help you settle.

Use Essential Oils: If you have a hard time settling down and getting sleepy, essential oils can really help. There are several blends and mixtures you can apply to the bottoms of your feet or diffuse in your room that can help you unwind and calm down after a hectic day as well as sleep more soundly through the night. If you’re interested in learning more about EOs and sleep- I do free consultations about this all the time- let me know!

Set a Bedtime: You have bedtimes for your kids, so you do the same. And make sure to communicate it to your spouse or loved one- I’m going to bed by XX time. Saying it out loud makes it more likely to happen and also helps hold you accountable throughout the evening.

Need help of prioritizing your day because you’re up late finishing everything that you didn’t get done during the day or after work- that’s where my Private Coaching comes in! Time Management is one of my specialties. Let me help you gain some sanity in your day!