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I was talking to a friend the other day. This friend is a beautiful soul and mama to two little ones. We were talking about all the things that mom friends talk about, how we manage to juggle everything, how we used to be cool a long time ago, but how we wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Then we started chatting about those first few special moments in the hospital after a little’s were born. My sweet friend looked at me and said “Do you know what I wish more than anything? I wish I had taken fresh 48 photos like you do for all your clients. That time in the hospital passed so so quickly and that beautiful time was so surreal and such a blur. I remember things from that time like the way my baby felt in my arms, and the way he smelled, and even how exhausted I was but I feel like there a million tiny details that just can’t recall.” She said “I wish I had something tangible that I could look back on to remind me of all of those little things I know I am forgetting.” 

As soon as she said this my heart immediately started to ache because I knew exactly how she felt. You see, my sweet boys were born before I had fully discovered my passion for photography. So on two of the most amazing and important days of my entire life I only have some sweetly vague memories and a handful of blurry phone photos taken by well-intentioned family members.

I think that’s why fresh 48 sessions (In-hospital newborn sessions) are some of my absolute favorite sessions. Maybe being able to give this gift to other beautiful mamas helps me, in little ways, remember the things I forgot about those first amazing hours as a mom.

So, from one mom to another if you were on the fence about booking a fresh 48 session… DO IT! DO IT RIGHT NOW! Even if I’m not the photographer you choose that’s OK with me I just know how much these first precious hours mean. I know from personal experience that you will never ever EVER regret capturing these irreplaceable moments. More than anything, I don’t want any other mama to feel the way that I do and I wish they could go back and do things differently.


Becci Ravera
IG: @BecciRaveraPhoto