If you follow me on social media, well then, you already know this, however if you aren’t a follower on social media- SURPRISE!


And just to be clear this is an announcement that we’re having a second BABY not a 4th baby. Whoa, pregnant with triplets- bless the women who carry multiples. My womb is a single carry only! We made triple sure (haha).

We found out in early February we were unexpectedly – expecting. For those who are new to our story, my husband was deployed with our daughter, Evelyn, from 28 weeks until she was almost 5 months old. Read more about that here.

With this baby, my husband¬†should be home. Should? Well, nothing is ever guaranteed in military life, however if he isn’t, I’ll for sure be alone…with a 4 year old. Family has already discussed not coming to visit until we are settled and acclimated after a year or two, even with our new addition on the way. So hunker down with my big girl panties am I right? We’re going with he should be there, with a back up plan in case he isn’t.


Our daughter has been asking us for a little sister for almost an entire year. So when we told her she was going to be a Big Sister, she’s absolutely 100% sure it’s another girl. She’s so sure, she will not be swayed one way or another. We’re going to wait until the birth to find out, that way maybe if it is a boy, the disappoint will wear off when she sees her real life baby doll.

As for me, thanks to my untimely Candida overgrowth, the Candida diet is basically the miracle for the first trimester. ZERO morning sickness, zero issues, just honestly a little more winded going up some stairs and needing to pee a little bit more frequently. After I got over the initial shock of expecting our second child (I’ll admit, I was not all sunshine and excitement)- we’re pretty excited about it. Since I’ve felt so good, I rarely realize I’m pregnant, other than embracing the full glory of pregnancy clothes early on rather than squish into the pre-pregnancy clothes.

Sometimes the best unplanned surprises are the ones that are most exciting. I’m not sure how it’s all going to work, but I will tell you what- we will figure it out. And my husband will be getting the snip snip once we’re settled in Germany. No more accidents around here after this little surprise!

So give me all the parenting two kids advice! Especially those with a 4-5 year age gap! I’m going to need it!