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Hey there! I’m Lauren

I’m an Essential Oil Educator.

In 2015, after the birth of our daughter- I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression and later Postpartum Anxiety.

My husband was deployed, I was learning to be a mom alone, and I was struggling to get through just a simple day with a newborn. I suffered in silence for months, afraid that my daughter would be taken away from me.

I made a conscious decision that things needed to change- and so I started implementing holistic alternatives to deal with my growing health issues that manifested post delivery and self discovery work to help manage my anxiety and depression without medication.

Between essential oils and my personal discovery journey, I’ve been able to break through emotional barriers that have weighed me down for years. I’ve been able to eliminate people and things in my life that have been pulling me away from my true authentic self.

If you’ve been unhappy with your life, there’s a way to change it, despite your circumstances.

It’s all about empowering yourself to take charge of your emotional and physical health. The more you know, the more you understand your choices and the more you can advocate for yourself.

So what did I do to fix my circumstances?

Here’s where doTERRA came into my life

In 2016 I was severely sleep deprived and my anxiety was growing as I transitioned from working full time to being a stay at home mom. Desperate for some relief in the rest department a friend answered my plea on Facebook and introduced me to the emotional properties of essential oils.

Within one night of using essential oils, my daughter had her longest stretch of sleep since she was two months old. Up until this point, nothing had worked on my daughter. I was hooked.

I wanted to know what else these miracle bottles of oil could do in my life and I started learning more and eventually decided that I wanted to help other people feel empowered about their health and give them real, tangible solutions to dealing with their struggles.

In 2017, I published my Postpartum Depression Story and introduced 5 pivotal Sanity Saving tips which started my personal discovery work.

They are the foundational blocks that helped me start to discover who I really am as an individual, daughter, sister, friend, mother, business owner, and wife.

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