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Well Hello There! I’m Lauren

I’m the wife to an Active Duty Service Member, Girl Mom, Dog Owner, Homebirther, Holistic Centered, Certified Aromatherapist and currently we live in Germany.

I was born and raised on the Middle Peninsula of Virginia, right by the Chesapeake Bay and have lived in 3 states since 2012.

I’m a Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Aries Rising and a strong Enneagram 4. I homeschool our children: a mix between Charlotte Mason and Wild & Free. It’s nice to meet you.

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Additional Services

Telegram Channel
Telegram Channel
Chat with me and other like minded individuals on my private telegram channel. I share oil tidbits and insight and herbal remedies through the week.
Corporate Blends
Corporate Blends
I can specifically design a blend for your corporate event, retreat, or gathering. please email for more information as price varies per request
Custom Products
Custom Products
Need something specific just for you? I offer custom blends in every aspect of the Aromatherapy space: salves, lotions, roller balls, inhalers, etc. Please email for more information and a price quote

Users testimonials

“Omg. I’m Obsessed with the “everyone shut up” blend! Like I want a lifetime supply please”

Jessica D. – Oil Customer

I ordered the “Are You Fucking Kidding Me” blend because of the crazy times we are in and I have to say, it helps so much when I’m having negative thoughts. It has such a grounding effect with amazing earthy notes.

Devan – Oil Customer

When my daughter Ryan was struggling with aches, vomiting and troubling emotions we couldn’t pin point what was going on. Lauren walked me through a series of step by step questions to find the source. Lauren created a blend specifically for Ryan. Now with any flare ups my daughter asks for her oil and has learned to apply it herself to subside any overwhelming emotions or pains. Thank you for being so patient with us and creating something special for Ryan.

Jessica – Custom Oil Client

My poor baby had terrible cradle cap that would not go away. It was thick, crusty, and very uncomfortable. He would scratch it till it bled and nothing was working. Poor little guy ended up losing most of his hair. After massaging the cradle cap off in the bath, I used Lauren’s essential oil blend 3 times a day to help moisturize, balance, and restore my baby’s scalp. Within a few days of using it, his scalp began to heal. Within 10 days his scalp was back to normal, the cradle cap never came back, and his hair started to grow back!

Virna – Custom Oil Client

I absolutely loved the class. I was introduced to oils a few years ago and knew absolutely nothing about them and how they worked. I went to one of Lauren’s classes about pain management and was amazed at the knowledge she had. I learned more about where to put oils, how they react and that not every oil reacts the same with each person. It definitely made me want to know more and use them more.

Julie – Beginner Oil Class

I have been to the beginner essential oil classes and really love it. I always learn so much each time. Between our amazing instructor, the information given, and the available products for us to view and try. I would highly recommend everyone attend these classes! These classes gave me the start on what I needed to get on a more natural lifestyle for not only me but my family as well, including the dogs! The website is so easy to use and find what I need. I can’t wait for the next class! 😍

Samantha – Beginner Oil Class

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