My Story


Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm a Postpartum Mentor! I work with moms who crave balance and rest. Moms who need a break but can't figure out how to get one. And moms who are desperately looking for rescue boat while they are drowning in their life and motherhood. I show them how to have more structure, while sprinkling in more spontaneity. I train them how to deal with relinquishing the "do it all" hat, while getting more things accomplished. I give them the tools to turn their stressful, over-scheduled life into a life that is well balanced and refreshingly joyful.

As a survivor of Postpartum Depression I had to pave my own path to healing. Counseling helped me process emotions and see a way out, but it didn't help me with a plan of action once it was over. With the help of my husband (and tons of trial and error), we developed a fool proof plan to regaining my sanity as a new mother, full time corporate employee, and military wife. Basically- I've failed so many times- so you won't.

I was a former driven corporate employee who realized that my dream of climbing the corporate ladder had changed the moment my daughter was born. I needed to find another way to earn an income and take on my most important role yet- mothering full time. My place was in the home, but I never realized how soul crushing this job could be until I was living it. I've been paving the path into postpartum mentoring for nearly 2 years now.


That's my soul and my life's work.

When I'm not helping mothers of all walks of life I'm:


BEGGING my husband to take a trip somewhere in the world. He tells me year after year I need to "reign in my crazy travel ideas " and every year I get him to bite on "just one more trip". traveling to 5 countries and over 8 states in our 8 years of marriage and a trip to Ireland for my 30th birthday! See- got him again!

Recording crazy videos of my daughter driving me absolutely insane. It's true she is my mini me- not only do we LOOK the same, but her tenacity and fierceness is me wrapped into a tiny toddler body just trying to end me every day.

Drinking LOTS of wine. I have passion for the grapes and I don't discriminate-I did used to hate Chardonnay's but once my daughter was born- that's all I wanted!

Talking loud enough for everyone within the next county over to hear my conversation. It's true I have ZERO volume control. Meh-Chances are everyone can hear me in a crowded room.

"A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles"


I currently serve over 2000 women daily with my Sanity Saving Advice on how to save their sanity in motherhood and life.