Vax Detox

This was my very first time doing a vaccine detox immediately after my husband’s mandatory vaccines. For those who aren’t aware, my husband is active duty Air Force and obtaining a religious exemption is near impossible. We’re working on it, but for now, he’s subject to mandatory vaccinations every year for FDA approved vaccines.Our stance on vaccines has changed greatly since having children, for starters, we have a vaccine injured daughter. I was finally brave enough to tell our daughter’s injury story this past year and if it interests you, here’s part 1 and part 2. Every year we uncover …

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Why Aromatherapy Certifications Matter…or not

I’ve been on the oil train for 5 years this January- whoa where does the time go? It’s been a journey. I’ve been very passionate about education around the oils, especially because there is so much information out there. My bread and butter were these live classes I used to do in my home in California. These classes filled my cup so much, 1- they were in person and my tiny little 900 sq ft home was FILLED with women. Each week we met for a 1 hour oil class and when we moved to Germany in 2019, I was SO sad to say …

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Candida: The Yeast Plague of Your Body…Part 2

Hopefully you’ve read part 1 of my Candida blog. If not, click here first. Since I covered what Candida is and how you get rid of it. I wanted to talk about the other vital piece. Getting the dead Candida out of your body and rebuilding your gut health. I have to say I did the first part well, but I did neglect rebuilding my gut health until I was in a really poor spot. If you remember me mentioning I had a flare up postpartum in November 2019, that flare up lasted until we did the strict diet again. …

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Candida: The Yeast Plague of your Body….. part 1

In November 2018 I developed a horrible hot spot on the back of my neck. It was really painful, itched night and day and was oozing and scabbing over. I tried my normal natural remedies to no avail, some OTC itch creams, nothing worked. I tried some detoxing in terms of essential oils and strengthening my gut with probiotics, nothing. I saw doctors, a dermatologist, and eventually a naturopath who diagnosed me with a severe Candida overgrowth. What is Candida Candida is a microorganism that lives inside everyone. Usually it lives in harmony, unless your immune system lowers and the …

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Emotional Body Mapping

I started dabbling into a really cool personal intuition realm a few years back when we were still living in California. It was this concept of your physical body ailments are linked to personal emotional issues. Each area of your body correlates to a different emotional issue. For example, your front side of your throat is your fear center. So if you’re suppressing your voice, your worries, yourself out of fear- guess what can happen? Throat issues, skin issues situated around your throat such as rashes, etc. What brought about this research? Well…to be completely honest, my body randomly and …

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Parasites & Other Body Bugs

I’m still relatively new to this parasite talk. I have 3 years of experience with candida (a topic for another day), but Parasites I’m still learning a lot as I go with each cleanse that I do. What are Parasites? In short, parasites are tiny organisms that live in or on another organism called a “host” and is fed at the expense of its host. In simple terms, a parasite can eat up all your vitamins, proteins, carbs etc in your body and deplete your body of things it needs to survive at it’s optimal health capacity. When our body …

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