We’re just now getting to that “age” where my kid has “friends” (aka the friends I pick for her) and now the birthday parties are coming out of the woodwork. It almost feels like every other week we’re getting invited to yet another birthday party. It’s getting a little overwhelming if I’m being honest.

While most parents say on the invite “don’t worry about gifts”- we showed up without a gift once….never again. It was embarrassing and the parents knew we were the only ones there that didn’t bring a gift.

Here’s the problem with all these parties: Birthday gifts can add up- financial wise, and not everyone is that great of a planner and plans things ahead of time to give us budgeters time to look for cost effective gifts. And when it comes between groceries for our family and a birthday gift for three birthday parties, which do you think I’m going to choose? That might seem a little dramatic, but some people really are that strapped for cash. So how exactly do you “shop” on a dime and super last minute?

There’s no manual on how much you should spend, not to mention trying to find gifts around the kid’s likes and dislikes, and let’s not even branch the subject of what happens when I bring my kid to target to shop for their “friend’s birthday” and I leave with a screaming child who doesn’t understand why THEY don’t get a toy. The entire process around shopping for birthday party gifts is just plain overwhelming for some. Some people are great gift givers and they get so much joy over picking out that perfect gift for someone- but I’m talking about the moms like me that dread those birthday party invites because this sort of thing brings out major anxiety and time for me.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save some sanity by having a stock of well thought out birthday ideas in the hall closet? No more running to the store with 2 days notice of a birthday party. No more budgeting around OTHER people’s birthday gifts. No more fighting with your kid in the toy aisle. Sounds pretty awesome huh? Just grab and go without any of the hassle.

What if I told you that you could ALSO build an entire birthday stash off of just 5 simple things….cards, bags, wrapping tissue, a handful of low cost, crowd-pleasing gifts, and a nearby dollar store that sells helium balloons? Would you believe me?

What if I also told you that I had in my possession:

a cheat sheet of gifts under $10 for every age from 1-10
PLUS tutorials and printables
Plus a BONUS list of “toys that never get old no matter how old you get.

So not only have I done all the dirty organizing for you, but I just made all that research way more simple for you….and I’m giving it to you…for free.

So grab it right now here

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