Book Publishing

You’ve written your story, but you aren’t sure what to do next! We are here to get you from written to self-published. Our team consists of a Project Manager that has self-published and will be your primary contact, a Graphic Designer that will handle both layout and cover design and a Copyright/Editor that will make sure everything is just perfect for your book!

We’ve broken the Self Publishing down into 3 main stages so you can see what to expect along the way. This let’s you understand the flow of self publishing and what needs to happen first in the process.

Stage 1

Process Planning Meeting with our Project Manager
Meet with our Editor
Meet with our Cover Designer
Collaborating with a Print on Demand Company and finalizing layout structure

Stage 2

Process Planning Meeting with our Project Manager
Finalize proof-reading with Editor and Project Manager, obtain final copy
Fact Check (if necessary)
Finalize Cover Design
Begin Market Research for Book Launch
Strategize Marketing Launch

Stage 3

Layout and order first proof of printed book
Purchase ISBN
Format for Print after proof edits
Contact professionals and solidify launch team


Publishing We Offer:

  • Workbooks

  • Training Manuals

  • Non Fiction

  • Fiction

  • Self Studies

  • Journals

  • E-Books

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