Hopefully you’ve read part 1 of my Candida blog. If not, click here first.

Since I covered what Candida is and how you get rid of it. I wanted to talk about the other vital piece. Getting the dead Candida out of your body and rebuilding your gut health.

I have to say I did the first part well, but I did neglect rebuilding my gut health until I was in a really poor spot. If you remember me mentioning I had a flare up postpartum in November 2019, that flare up lasted until we did the strict diet again. But then I discovered I had mercury poisoning in February 2020 (I’ll do a blog about that eventually). Rebuilding my gut health couldn’t be put off any longer. Here’s where I really love how MUCH information is out there, because I really had to do some soul searching on what was appropriate for me and my body at that course in time.

How do you know the Candida leaves your body?

So this is kind of gross, well I think it’s gross, but maybe you won’t. Dead candida is pink/orange in color, so when your poop turns orange/pink you’re flushing the candida out. Never have I encountered pink/orange fecal matter before this. It took our bodies about a month of pooping pink/orange before it returned to its normal fecal color. That to me was a sign we had rid the candida from our bodies.

Now, if you remember, I was also pregnant during this- so I still had some strong strands of Candida that were holding on extra tight.I knew this because I would occasionally have really strong hankerings for bread, like croissants, donuts, etc and sugar. Oh yum. Remember, Candida lives off yeast and sugar. When I would have those really strong urges/cravings I KNEW the Candida was trying for a second rebellion. Remember, your body is made up of millions of microorganisms and the things you crave keep those microorganisms alive.

If someone would have taught me that, pregnancy cravings would have been a whole different life for me with my first pregnancy in 2014/2015. It wasn’t the baby craving those things, it was those tiny microorganisms in my body. What I wish I knew back then….

First things first

Always go back to food. Remember it is the only sure way to starve out the Candida.

You can use various herbs/essential oils to help with this also. Make sure the herbs are fresh and dried so you lessen the chance of mold growing in them. Essential oils that are great for battling Candida:
Tea Tree

I would muscle test for each of those oils and use 2 drops in a veggie capsule 2-3 times per day for a week. Oregano, shouldn’t be used for more than 10 days consecutively as it is a very powerful oil and can do damage after 10 days.

Once you’re done with the detox phase (about 30 days), now we need to rebuild positive microbiome in your gut:

Probiotics– particular one that contains sacchromyces boulardii, cycle through different ones every 30 days or so. Depending on the severity of the damage to your gut determines how long you should be on probiotics. I finally went off regular probiotics after 2 years.
Fermented Foods
Flax Seeds
Chia Seeds

Another step I missed in the first go around was boosting my liver function. We all know alcohol damages liver and kidney function, but so does detoxing candida. Drinking milk thistle tea can help with supporting your liver. Again, fresh dried herbs are best.

When you’re reintroducing foods back into your diet, if your gut isn’t healed, you will experience relapses. This just tells you your gut needs some more time to heal, so avoid the foods causing relapses for a few more weeks and try again. It’s important to not try too many things at once. A nice introduction was one new thing a week and wait to see if your body reacts. If you have no relapses, try something else.

Don’t Ignore the Emotional Aspect

Candida clings to a lot of emotional trauma and the detox from candida alone can be extremely difficult on people emotionally. I have a history of anxiety and depression from my first pregnancy, and my mental state was amplified through the first 2 years. Taking care of my emotional health was essential to my healing and has allowed me to really be more intune with my body and what it needs on a physical and emotional level.

Things like daily meditation for 5-10 minutes
Fresh Air Daily for 1hour or more
Self Care Days
Joining a women’s group
Using uplifting essential oils & blends
Talking to a therapist

Those were all ways that I helped my emotional state. Healing is always multifaceted and things build on one another. My biggest advice to someone who is battling Candida is to not get discouraged if you have relapses or setbacks. Every layer you uncover is another stepping stone to healing your trauma and your overall health of your body. If we don’t fail, we don’t learn, embrace the challenges and set backs as ways you can grow more and learn more.

Let me know what you thought of this little aspect of health in the comments below!