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Copaiba Softgels

Did you know? 

When taken internally, Copaiba essential oil may be calming, soothing and supportive to the nervous system*. dōTERRA Copaiba Softgels are easy to swallow and provide a convenient way to receive the internal benefits of dōTERRA Copaiba essential oil.

Our Story
To be honest, before September, making Copaiba veggie capsules was a pain. My husband is super simple with everything that he does. Which means, having me make capsules for him each day is basically a “no no” unless he’s sick. In September at our Global Convention with doTERRA, it was announced that Copaiba would be available in soft-gel form! Queue fits of mass excitement from the audience, myself included.

doTERRA Copaiba Softgels

When we got home, I started my husband on Copaiba Softgels in addition to his typical regime. If you’re not familiar with my husband, he’s a power lifter and gets a lot of aches and pains from all the weight he pushes in the gym. His knee has been bothering him for some time, more of a tendinitis sort of thing than anything. Within just a few days he said he noticed a drastic change in his pain level after heavy lifting days. His muscles were less sore and fatigued, and he didn’t have to take it as easy on days where he was going for gains or goals.

I started cross-fit a few months ago for health reasons (more on that in another blog), and added Copaiba to my daily supplement routine in the AM. I’m able to attend classes several days in a row, while I am sore, it’s a typical pushing limits sore, not a “can’t get out of bed I hurt so bad” type of sore. Overall – this stuff is now a vital essential to our lifestyle.

Use dōTERRA Copaiba Softgels to receive antioxidant support for your cellular health. The softgels also support the health of the respiratory system, the digestive system, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. Take one softgel daily to address concerns with any or all of these systems.  When taken on a regular basis, your overall health can improve!

Grab some here and get started on supporting your nervous system!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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