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Why Aromatherapy Certifications Matter…or not

I’ve been on the oil train for 5 years this January- whoa where does the time go? It’s been a journey. I’ve been very passionate about education around the oils, especially because there is so much information out there. My bread and butter were these live classes I used to do in my home in California. These classes filled my cup so much, 1- they were in person and my tiny little 900 sq ft home was FILLED with women. Each week we met for a 1 hour oil class and when we moved to Germany in 2019, I was SO sad to say …

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I Have A Four Year Old

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing me in real life, you’re truly missing out on my daughter Evelyn. You see, tomorrow she turns 4. I truly believe the children we are blessed with are to teach us something so much bigger than ourselves. Evelyn and I started our journey together, just us. You see, my husband was deployed when she was born. From 28 weeks on, it was just her and I. Her labor was one for the books for sure. First time mom, 5 hours of labor, an hour of pushing, and I wasn’t admitted to the …

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A Family Announcement

If you follow me on social media, well then, you already know this, however if you aren’t a follower on social media- SURPRISE! And just to be clear this is an announcement that we’re having a second BABY not a 4th baby. Whoa, pregnant with triplets- bless the women who carry multiples. My womb is a single carry only! We made triple sure (haha). We found out in early February we were unexpectedly – expecting. For those who are new to our story, my husband was deployed with our daughter, Evelyn, from 28 weeks until she was almost 5 months …

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The Year of the Willow

Today is our anniversary. And not just our wedding anniversary, it’s also our dating anniversary. You see I met my husband on a blind date Aug 2, 2008 and on Aug 2, 2009 – we got married. So this makes 9 years married for us this year. In keeping with tradition, that would mean that our traditional gift idea would be a willow. Weeping willows happen to be my favorite tree. Ironic? I think not. It’s very fitting and very perfect for this year approaching. Since embarking on a much more spiritual journey together as a couple in this last …

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Happy 3rd Birthday Evelyn

Dear Evelyn, I always wanted to be that mom that documented major milestones of your life. I even have a baby book- that is barely filled out. But time and excuses got in the way of me completing any of those things- so instead I’ll try this letter to you instead. At 5:39am PST you will turn 3. I still remember your birth. I remember feeling very empowered pushing you out of my body. I remember how warm you felt when you held you for the first time, and about how your squishy body seemed to mold itself to me …

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It’s about time for me to walk you through my manifesto- if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you see glimpses and pieces into my world- but what truly goes through my head? Where is my heart? What am I rooted in?  My first thought upon waking: How did I wind up with a kid who hates sleep? I didn’t think it was possible to be so exhausted 2.5 years later. #teamnosleep power right here. After peeling myself out of bed- It’s coffee, today I will drink my coffee warm. With my toddler running around trying to …

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Road Trips with a Toddler

Recently my husband and I took a long drive from Northern California (where we live) to Southern California. Why on earth would we drive 10 hours to Southern California (side note, yes we don’t live ANYWHERE near LA/San Diego, Disneyland or anywhere else you’re currently trying to think of)? Friends. Really incredible friends of ours are retiring from 23 years in the Navy. I can’t say enough incredible things about this family. They have been so generous and loving to us over the last 7 years, welcomed us in like family, supported us no matter what coast we lived in, …

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Becoming a Family

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a huge travel bug. I’ve been all over the US, and traveled internationally 3 times and been to 5 European Countries. Each vacation has something special and a special memory attached.Some good memories: like my first solo vacation without a friend or relative.Some, not so good: Like the time I locked my friend’s brother into their Paris Apartment by accident- the day we left the city. I’ve never seen someone so mad before. But by far, my favorite vacation was the vacation we took following my husband’s fourth deployment. You see, …

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Hi, I’m Lauren

Hey guys! I’m Lauren. Since you stumbled upon my little blogging space I figured an introduction would be nice! I’m the wife to an active duty Air Force member, mom to a 2 year old daughter this april, and puppy mama to two small breed rescues. I was born and raised on the east coast and I miss it every single day. You never realize how much you take for granted the area you live in, until you’re in a completely different cultural environment. We’ve lived in NorCal (not to be confused with beautiful beaches and sunny CA) for 5 …

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