Time Management and Why YOU Need it

I’m not sure why there isn’t a class truly devoted to “time management” skills in high school- but there should be. Maybe there is in some places, but I didn’t learn how to TRULY make the best use of my time and prioritize, time block, schedule, and task focus until well after college. And that honestly- is a shame. I feel as though my entire adult life so far has been trying to be more efficient. An old boss once chastised us for how we were working in our office saying we were operating on everything is an “emergency” when …

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Flight Attendant Appreciation Bags

I cannot take any credit for this idea. This comes from a dear friend of mine (and mom boss) who runs her business in order to do mission trips. Read more about what she does here. She had this BRILLIANT idea to make Flight Attendant Appreciation bags as a way to say “Thank You” and ALSO drop her little business cards/catalogs in there for people. What a neat marketing tool. I’m ALL about giving back and if I can leave a business card and a little one sheeter about what I do- then SIGN ME UP! I tested these out …

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