I Have A Four Year Old

If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing me in real life, you’re truly missing out on my daughter Evelyn. You see, tomorrow she turns 4. I truly believe the children we are blessed with are to teach us something so much bigger than ourselves. Evelyn and I started our journey together, just us. You see, my husband was deployed when she was born. From 28 weeks on, it was just her and I. Her labor was one for the books for sure. First time mom, 5 hours of labor, an hour of pushing, and I wasn’t admitted to the …

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A Family Announcement

If you follow me on social media, well then, you already know this, however if you aren’t a follower on social media- SURPRISE! And just to be clear this is an announcement that we’re having a second BABY not a 4th baby. Whoa, pregnant with triplets- bless the women who carry multiples. My womb is a single carry only! We made triple sure (haha). We found out in early February we were unexpectedly – expecting. For those who are new to our story, my husband was deployed with our daughter, Evelyn, from 28 weeks until she was almost 5 months …

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