Father’s Day Made Simple

**blog post may contain affiliate links. I do earn a commission off of these at no additional cost to you, but it helps me feed my family every month** I’ll admit, I’ve never been that great of a gift giver- it isn’t my love language, and it isn’t something I’m great at. So buying thoughtful and meaningful gifts for smaller holidays like: father’s day, completely stresses me out. I agonize over whether it is a good gift or not. And second guess myself even after I’ve purchased the gift. After reading about KonMari– I realize that gifts are serving a …

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Day 12 of 12 Days of Stress Free

This is probably my second favorite subject after my Vacation one- and it has truly been an incredible blessing for me in my life this past year. Anxiety and depression are my key cornerstones to help women- but more so- I meet a lot of women- for reasons on their own- who want to wean off their medication, or avoid prescription drugs, or stop taking them after they start to get better. That is a choice that THEY make- all on their own- and I am more than happy to try and provide them with options to help manage their …

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Day 9 of 12 days of Stress Free

On the opposite side of the spectrum from my normal posts I’m going to share with you something I love- but rarely have the opportunity to actually do. And that is- getting all dolled up. Let’s be honest for a second- I rarely get dressed in anything worth batting an eye. Clothes haven’t fit me properly since I was rocking a cute baby bump- and with a toddler, hardly anything is comfortable chasing her around all day. So usually I’m in some sort of lounge clothes- I won’t even try and pass it off as “active casual” because it’s mainly …

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Day 8 of 12 Days of Stress Free

If you follow me at ALL on social media- you know that my LOVE is traveling. It even ranks above wine- and man do I like to drink! Traveling is where I can TRULY unwind, destress and just LIVE. I had about 2 years where honestly, we didn’t travel at all because deployment, new baby, life. But this past year has put me on the MAP for traveling. January: Girls reunited trip after 7 years in Napa CA for 5 days March: Prague, Poland, Sweden for 2 weeks April: Yosemite for little one’s 2nd birthday May: 40th Birthday Girl’s Weekend …

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Day 7 of 12 Days of Stress Free

Let’s talk about Self Care today. If you’ve been around my blogging space- then you will have seen several blog posts so far. But just incase- get a recap here: You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup  What Is Self Care?  Self Care can sometimes come up as this illusive idea for some people. It seems simple- yet can be incredibly hard to implement. The way I break it down for my clients is that self care should rejuvenate you. It should make you feel as though you have returned from a nice massage or a relaxing vacation. It should …

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Day 6 of 12 Days of Stress Free

We’ve heard the saying before “it takes a village”- and for the longest time I fought against “needing” anyone other than my husband. I’m not sure why- maybe it was a control thing. Maybe it was more of me feeling weak and inadequate. Maybe it was because I liked the facade about how it looked from the outside as though I had it all together- meanwhile on the inside I was drowning. But at some point between my daughter’s first birthday and second birthday I realized that I couldn’t keep up the facade anymore. If I wanted to thrive not …

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Day 5 of 12 Days of Stress Free

I hope that some of you took advantage of either my free offering or one of my paid offerings because they really are gold (if I do say so myself) but just in case you need a little more convincing- let’s talk about Batching. Batching? Really Lauren- what the heck does that have to do with stress free? Batching is my form of bulking tasks together so I’m not doing the same thing all damn day. I HATE repetitive stuff- like anything repetitive- repeating myself 20 times to my toddler “Don’t touch that” “put your shoes on” makes me literally …

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Day 4 of 12 Days of Stress Free

We’re going to roll right into some more organization tools after yesterday’s post about writing. Organizing can make or break my stress level. I briefly mentioned how if I fail to set aside time each week to plan out my week- everything just kind of falls apart. I’ve learned that there’s a right way to organize and there’s a wrong way. And just like with everything it takes practice. And trial and error and some really bad weeks to really see what needs to be tweaked. So I want to tell you not to get discouraged if this takes time- …

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Day 3 of 12 days of Stress Free

To go along with reading from yesterday- let’s talk about the otherside: Writing As moms we probably all make lists of some sort. Maybe it’s post-it’s, maybe it’s old fashioned lists, maybe it’s on our phone or paper- but mom brain is real and in my world if I don’t write it down- then all hope is definitely lost in my world. Enter in where writing comes in handy. So I’m going to share two types of writing with you- each have different purposes. But they each matter greatly in my world. First: Writing Lists Writing lists make or break …

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