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In July I was able to make a trip to see a dear friend of mine that I have known for nearly a decade. We have kept in touch over the years and we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. As I started opening up to her more about my spiritual journey, diving more into energy work, crystals, mediation, and even oracle cards- she opened up that she’s been into all that stuff, she was just waiting for me to be open about that.

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Isn’t it funny how there are some people in your life that you still don’t understand their full purpose until you wash away all your emotional baggage? She introduced me to this really intriguing way to choose essential oils for myself. She explained that everything carries energy. Have you ever picked something up that you immediately wanted to put down, or pushed something away from your body that you didn’t like. Your energy was telling you “no” with those things.

But when you hold something you love, well then you embrace it, you clasp your hand around it, you lean into it. Your energy changes – it’s saying “yes”.

Children do this best. They are unjaded with the world, and they feel so fiercely. Kids know when they are hungry, thirsty, when they like people and don’t like people upon first meeting – and it’s because they are responding to energy. You know how they say fussy babies can feel your frustration? It’s because it’s true. Don’t believe me – check out this video of how my daughter chooses oils here. 

See what I mean? She’s pretty fantastic, and every time, she’s spot on in the emotions standpoint. She knows exactly what she needs and instantly feels better once we implement her choices.

So how do you do the same with your intuition? First, you need to clear out all the “noise”. This can be as simple as doubts or preemptive notions. A great oil for this is Clary Sage. It allows you to be open to all possibilities. Meditation, taking a few deep calming breaths and releasing tension – this can all help with drowning out the noise of society and your self doubts.

  • Spend some time thinking of your issue – are you anxious?
  • Where do you feel your anxiousness?
  • Do you want to feel or smell something in particular?

Then pick up some of the oils and see how you feel. It’s easiest to compare if you hold an oil in your hand that you don’t particularly love so you can compare the differences.

I personally, feel little vibrations or fuzziness when I hold oils that I need. It’s not something super prevalent, I have to really focus, but it’s there. Other oils practically drop out of my hands, which is how I know that isn’t what I’m looking for.

Spend some time getting to know your oils, touching them, smelling, sitting with them. Don’t rush the process. This is a great way to become more in sync with yourself and listen to what your body and mind are telling you that it needs.

Do you use intuition to choose your oils? Tell me how you do below, I love learning how other people decide which oils they are seeking.

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