Cleaning Schedule

Manage your chores with less time

Introducing my Household Sanity Saving Guide:

a calendar to help you clean your home without wasting the weekend

I remember sitting on the floor in the hallway, my 6 month old was fighting nap…again…for the last two hours…the kitchen counters were covered with meal prep for the week, dishes were piled in the sink from the last few days, and laundry was all over the floor. I was sobbing. I was over it. I was done with the chores. I was done with working 40 hours a week and commuting 10 hours on top of that. I was done with my husband being on night shift. But most of all, I was done with having to be everything to everyone.

I had no time. And the little time I managed to scrap together each week was spent on household crap when I really wanted to nap, or play with my daughter, or watch a movie with my husband after not seeing him all week.

What I needed was a plan. I needed to figure out what needed to be done in our life and mold a plan around it. I needed just a foundation line. This didn’t have to solve everything, but I couldn’t waste my weekend on chores and errands anymore. I wanted time back.

That’s why I developed this Household Sanity calendar. This is the exact calendar my husband and I formulated when I was in the thick of my postpartum depression, working full time, with an infant at home. At the time this plan was developed- my husband was on never ending night shift and I was breaking from the weight of my responsibilities.

I have shared this with hundreds of women and it has provided them clarity that they don’t have to do it all, all the time. They can divide up tasks, it can be flexible to changing schedules, and it is laid out to where you don’t have to “create” something. I’ve done all the work for you. You just have to download it below.

Download it now and start organizing your home!