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Sometimes we are just too sick. Too overwhelmed. Too mentally and physically exhausted to start things slow. We live in a society where it is second nature for drive-thrus, packaged & processed foods, and pesticides are in abundance on our produce. We do not live in a naturally healthy world. What I mean by that is that everything, yes everything, that we place into our body, on our skin, and inhale has a consequence.

That’s not to say you should run and hide like bubble boy in your plastic bubble. It just means becoming more aware with the things you eat, the personal care products you use, the cleaning products in your home to make better choices to live a more natural, healthy, overall existence.

“Your health is NOT a hobby” – Saimoni Lesu

So where do you start- where’s a good base point?

I highly recommend our 30 day Cleanse & Restore Protocol. This is not meant to be a solve everything, but a certain part of flushing our systems out, restoring the damage that we have done to our cells has to happen in order for us to truly understand intuitively what our body needs to be healthy.

First we have to reduce your toxic load. doTERRA describes toxic load as: “To understand the importance of minimizing toxic load, we must first define some foundational terms and discuss how our natural detoxification systems work. A “toxin” is any substance that causes excess stress to the body. “Toxic load” refers to the volume of these substances that have been accumulated in the body at any given time and the overall burden it places on the body systems and vital organs.” (read more here).

With the Cleanse & Restore kit (which happens to also be an enrollment kit!) which works to maximize the health and efficiency of your vital cleansing organs so that you can minimize toxic load naturally and maintain the results long-term.*

So what’s in the kit?

What’s the protocol?


How do I sign up?

Contact me here and I’ll get you set up!

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