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Self Care

As the impending reality of us bringing our second daughter into the world approaches, I’ve learned a lot in 4.5 years of raising a kid. My perspective on things has definitely changed, and my needs for what I best need to heal and be emotionally okay are at the forefront of my concern.

I had really horrible Postpartum Depression (PPD) with my first daughter. Family members unfortunately amplified the situation and made it worse in some instances, while not being able to communicate what I needed to be okay kept me hiding in the dark from most people in our life for almost a year after giving birth. My road to recovery lasted nearly 3 years and has always scared me from having more children. How could we expand our family when I emotionally didn’t have the strength to make it through a hard day with our current child?

I’ve learned a lot about self care and advocating for myself since then, and even so my words sometimes get trapped. I’m afraid to open up and speak my mind. This is where my use of essential oils becomes essential. They give me strength, help break down emotional patterns in my brain, and help me find the words that are hidden beneath my fears.

The biggest mistake in my postpartum journey the second time around was setting boundaries. I didn’t set boundaries for my time, my energy, my sleep, my nutrition, my marriage, my social time, my work. I tried to do all the things, all the time, so as not to disappoint or let anyone down. One tool that I am so glad to have in my box this time around are Essential Oils.

Clove – the oil of boundaries will be used a lot in the coming weeks as my husband and I work on setting clear boundaries to try our best to avoid PPD and PPA this time around. This oil helps give individuals the power to say “no” and regaining strength to stand up for their needs.

Post birth, mothers are at a very vulnerable time. Our hormones are in a huge adjustment period and our bodies have gone through massive trauma during labor and delivery. A lot of people prey on this broken barrier and use it to influence mothers into what they feel is best for the new child, instead of allowing a mother to figure out what feels right and necessary to themselves.

How can you benefit from the emotional properties of Clove? I recommend diluting 1 drop of Clove essential oil (or less) and applying to the bottom of your feet directly under the pad on your big toe, inside towards your other toes. This part of your reflexology is linked to your throat- and excellent avenue to open to find your voice in communicating your boundaries. See chart below:


Image taken from: Mind Body Green

Another great application area is over your Sacral Chakra (aka your lower stomach). Your Sacral Chakra gives wonderful power to your voice and allows you to flow freely and easily during times of stress.


Image taken from Meditative Mind

Dilute 1 drop of less and apply over your lower stomach

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