Welcome to Motherhood!  

This is one of the most wonderful and crazy adventures you will experience.  At this point, you may already be experiencing some of the Motherhood ‘symptoms’ that aren’t discussed much.  The hormones are wild, sleep is a very different activity than it once was, and life as a whole is different.

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When I became a Mother, I found out extremely fast that Motherhood could be extremely isolating.  I also experienced it in a different light because I was battling PPA and PPD. There was a lack of resources that helped me cope with everything I was experiencing.  Luckily, this was a blessing in disguise and I was determined to create resources to help other Mommas out.

My goal was to create a safe community for Mommas, where they could socialize and interact with others of like mind, where they could learn and grow together, and where they had a place to nurture themselves with their babies present.  This is how I created Baby+Me.

Baby+Me helps Mommas to reconnect with their body and breath while bonding with their baby.  Through gentle yoga, we are able to rebuild and strengthen our body and incorporate mindful breath to help balance out our minds.  Most of all, we are here with other Mommas, getting to talk it out (sometimes cry it out).

Community is so important in Motherhood.  Whether it is a class like Baby+Me or it is a Moms group who gets together for play-dates or even coffee, finding those other Mommas is crucial.  It allows you to have a support system that understands where you are in the present and it allows you to build friendships that are based around common ground.  Your identity as a Mother also grows with this community – you find validation in your role. If you aren’t sure how to find these groups, check your area for Free Lactation Groups, MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers, they usually have groups of all ages), Facebook – they have TONS of Mom Groups and very likely local ones at that, and even your local Library, if they have story-time, they will have Moms.

As much as community is important, it is important to take care of you too!  It can seems impossible some days to even fit in a meal or a shower. These are those moments that you need to reconnect with you body and breath.  You don’t have to go to the gym, you don’t have to shower to do this, and you can do it with you baby right there with you! Reconnecting with your body and breath can take just a couple moments – your baby can even be screaming when this is going on (I recommend to implement these tips when your little is screaming).

Here are two easy ways to reconnect with your body and breath!

  1. Breathe – Close your eyes. Inhale through your nose (on a count of 5) and expand your belly like a balloon. Exhale through your mouth (on a count of 5) pushing the air out at a controlled pace.  Do this a couple times. If you are needing relaxation, sleep, or just to reground yourself, breathe.
  2. Ground yourself – If you are sitting, cross your legs, tuck your pelvis in, lengthen your spine, drop your shoulders, and lift through the crown of your head.  You can rest your hands wherever is comfortable (you can also hold your baby). Then you can breathe. If you are standing, just lengthen your spine, drop your shoulders, lift you’re the crown of your head, and breathe.  

27749849_10200690962338705_8244663778171046677_n.jpgBrenna Dean is a Wife and Momma from Kansas City. She is the creative mind behind Baby+Me, a yoga class which promotes community, self-care, and motherhood by helping Mommas reconnect with their body and breath while bonding with their baby. Brenna also writes about getting outside with your littles and embracing motherhood on her blog.


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