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When Diffusers Backfire_

I get quite a few questions about how to use essential oils around people who are “sensitive” to smells, or in places where their job prohibits them from using essential oils. There’s still a lot of misconceptions about essential oils and because they are still a newer thing for some cultures, some people are scared that they will cause harm to others.

If you’ve been placed in a situation where someone says they can’t be around essential oils and a diffuser, there’s a great way to still get the benefit of the essential oils in a discrete and personal way: diffuser jewelry.


These come in all shapes and sizes. Your Oil Tools, one of my favorite third party essential oil supply companies, sent me some to test out to see how I liked them in both bracelet and necklace form since I’ve been ordering so much from them lately!

They arrived right before I was to be traveling to Colorado in early December so I had an entire week to test them out away from home and gain some insight into how effective they are and easy to use.

Diffuser jewelry uses Lava Rocks. Lava rocks are made from cooled molten lava (hence the name) and their porous nature is perfect for essential oils! You just apply the oil directly to the rocks, or use your fingers to rub it over. I lightly dabbed each bottle or roller onto the rocks and the smell of the essential oil lasted for hours. Only people that are close enough for your personal bubble can really pick up that you’re wearing a scent, so it is much more discrete than wearing perfume in my opinion.

The necklaces are close enough to your nose that it can help shield unwanted smells (like on an airplane!!), and if you’re pregnant, it’s great for masking any smell so it doesn’t make you nauseous or queasy.

Overall, my preference was the bracelets over the necklaces, mainly because I’m not a huge fan of necklaces, but I still like having them as an option, especially when I will be somewhere with a lot of people.

Final Rating- A! Definitely recommend them. Grab you some here.