I started dabbling into a really cool personal intuition realm a few years back when we were still living in California. It was this concept of your physical body ailments are linked to personal emotional issues. Each area of your body correlates to a different emotional issue. For example, your front side of your throat is your fear center. So if you’re suppressing your voice, your worries, yourself out of fear- guess what can happen? Throat issues, skin issues situated around your throat such as rashes, etc.

What brought about this research?

Well…to be completely honest, my body randomly and suddenly broke out in this really horrible rash. It started at this hot spot at the back of my neck and traveled around to the front, up my face and down my chest. It was so painful, hot, itchy and for months I tried all sorts of normal western remedies and had zero improvement or relief. My essential oil mentor reached out with some possible causes based on a book called Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. When I started treating my body for the feelings associated with that, my symptoms improved. I had some other internal physical things going on that eventually lead to a severe Candida Overgrowth, but the emotional aspects of Candida correlated with my rash and it’s severity. Getting rid of the Candida in a food aspect (starving it out), the severity of my rash correlated with whether I was dealing with my emotional needs.

When I ignored or stuffed my feelings down, my rash got worse. When I dealt with it, my rash went down. Having been through 3 years of a Candida rash, I can say it’s just as much emotional as it is physical. The two are intricately linked. If you’re suffering from chronic or acute physical issues, that are reoccurring, chances are you have some unresolved emotional trauma.

What can you do with emotional body mapping?

If you’re having trouble locating the source of contention in your emotional body, emotional body mapping will narrow it down greatly and get you to the root cause. Rarely are we aware of the root cause and therefore we will continue to have reoccurring emotional upheaval until we pull that weed from our soul. For example: When my daughter whines I have an anger trigger. It starts in my jaw and radiates down my throat. I’m tense, hot, and I lash out. Anger is my root cause. There’s something UNDER the anger. A feeling of not being heard. A childhood trauma buried in there. Emotional body mapping helps me get to the root of that childhood trauma. Once I know the root, I can heal that inner child and pull that root once and for all.

What happens next?

I specifically help clients pin point their emotions through body mapping and I make custom essential oil blends for them to use. Here’s how it works:

I send you a blank body map, front and back and you circle, mark any areas you experience any “symptoms” and let me know a bit more about them. For example: “lower back pain, happens when I’m stressed at work over a project”.

I look up some different emotional aspects of the area of the body and some oils that correlate to those emotions and send you a few definitions of emotional oils if needed and you tell me whether they resonate with you or not and when I narrow them down enough, I make you a custom blend. 

I send you some journaling questions with the blend, how to apply the blend, and how often, and I follow back up for some feedback from you. What you noticed, if it helped at all, if you feel like you pulled back a layer etc. Of course, I’m here via email for questions as well before I follow up should you need it. I usually tell people to use the blend for 2-4 weeks minimum and to journal daily even for 10/15 minutes to help uncover some personal truths. 

Why the Journaling and Affirmation Piece?

Healing isn’t a one thing only. It’s multifaceted. Learning more about your hidden traumas and emotional weeds leads to more growth, healing, and wisdom about who YOU are. This is a deeply personal journey. Just giving you a blend might help surface level, but the journaling, affirmations, moments of reflection, help bring other things to the surface so you can truly heal pieces of you that are broken, find your voice, and love yourself fully for the unique individual you are.

What’s the cost?

$25 for my time + cost of the blend + shipping. $25 is due upfront via venmo or paypal and the blend and shipping are done later once the blend is complete.

How do I get a Custom Body Mapping Blend

Send me an email at hello@laurencecora.com and I can get you all set up