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The Secret to

Benefit from the natural properties of essential oils by incorporating them into your hair care routine. It may seem counter-intuitive to put oil in your hair; however if your hair is dry, brittle, frizzy, your scalp constantly has build up, essential oils can provide a benefit for all of those less desirable hair symptoms. If you are looking for natural alternatives to your hair products, essential oils are the perfect option. I’m going to be sharing the hair de-tangler that I use daily on my 4 year old daughter’s hair.


What her curls looked like before we started using the de-tangler

Our daughter has the most gorgeous curly hair, and all curly haired girls know, gorgeous curls = painstaking knots. You’re not actually supposed to brush curly hair, however with a toddler, it’s unavoidable.  We have to brush it out everyday or else we get the worst rat’s nest knots underneath all the gorgeous curls. I make a De-tangler Spray and all I do is spritz it on every morning, brush it through with a brush specifically for curly hair, and let it air dry. Her curls stay moist, and look heavenly.

12 ounce (or larger) spray bottle
1 ½ cups distilled water
2 tablespoons doTERRA Salon Essentials® Smoothing Conditioner
5 drops Rosemary oil
5 drops Patchouli oil
5 drops Geranium oil
5 drops Melaleuca oil

Shake to combine before spraying each day.

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