How to Use Essential Oils

A new trend is currently dominating markets and households: Essential oils. An essential oil is a plant’s extracts that contains its concentrated essence and fragrance. It is commonly used in aromatherapy and acts as an alternative medicine.  It offers a wide variety of health benefits but may also cause harm if used improperly.

How are Essential Oils created and used?

Essential oils are extracted from their plants through the process of distillation. In aromatherapy, essential oils are used in diffusers or applied directly on the skin (mixed with carrier oils to dilute their potency). Sometimes essential oils are also used as insecticide.

What are some Essential Oils?

        There is a lengthy list of all the essential oils that exist, but there are common and popular ones. Some of these are Chamomile, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Rose, Lemon, and Jasmine. Each essential oil is unique and has its own possible health benefits and aroma.

Some Health Benefits of Essential Oils

        Used properly, essential oils can provide lots of health benefits. Essential oils are commonly used to create a calm and soothing environment that helps relieve stress, reducing anxiety, and increasing concentration levels. They can also help in cleansing the air and making it easier to breathe. Some of them can aid in getting a relaxing sleep at night by calming muscles and easing headaches. This is some of the many health benefits that essential oils have to offer.

Choosing the Correct Essential Oils

Essential oils can only be healthy and of benefit to their users if they are natural and legitimate. It is important to be aware that there are several fake essential oils being sold that should be avoided. Be sure that the oils you are buying are pure and should not have any chemical additives in it. Always make sure that you are buying from a reliable and credited company.

Possible Side Effects of Essential Oils

It’s established that essential oils have several benefits. However, it is important to note that there are possible side effects that can inflict harm as well. Some of these side effects include rashes, asthma attacks, headaches, and allergic reaction.

Essential Oils usage must be done moderately. Applying essential oils directly onto your skin may not be safe as it can lead to irritation and other side effects.  Especially when first using an oil it is important to add your essential oil to a carrier like Fractionated Coconut Oil to apply your oils topically.

Safety tips on the Usage of Essential Oils

Improper use of essential oils can do more harm than good. Don’t risk your safety and keep these tips in mind.

  1. Always seek advice and recommendation from a professional first before using Essential oils.
  2. Always check the quality and legitimacy of the products.
  3. Essential oils don’t last forever so be sure to dispose of older oils.
  4. Do not put edible oils on your skin as they may be bad for your skin.
  5. Using diluted oils is best as it is safer.
  6. Never use essential oils on damaged skin as it is more prone to irritation.
  7. It is important to consider the age of whom the essential oil will be used on as levels of sensitivity varies.
  8. Using too much is never a good thing.
  9. Immediately stop using if your body or skin reacts negatively.
  10. Take extra care when using essential oils, especially if pregnant.
  11. Do some research on the essential oil you plan to use before actually using it.
  12. Keep out of reach from children.

Essential oils come with a lot of positive effects, but one should always remember to use it wisely as it can cause harm as well.

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