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I’ll admit, I’ve never been that great of a gift giver- it isn’t my love language, and it isn’t something I’m great at. So buying thoughtful and meaningful gifts for smaller holidays like: father’s day, completely stresses me out. I agonize over whether it is a good gift or not. And second guess myself even after I’ve purchased the gift.

Easy Father's DayGift Ideas.png

After reading about KonMari– I realize that gifts are serving a purpose of the giver- and once given, it doesn’t really matter if the person getting the gift loves it- but more, it’s the action and process of it all. It’s the thought behind it that truly matters. But that still doesn’t mean I don’t want to get meaningful gifts. So my best advice if gift giving stresses you out is to keep things simple.

I’ll share with you some very easy, stress free gifts that we have done to this day for Father’s Day.

For the first father’s day

my husband was deployed and since he had never met our daughter- I put together a framed photo of her hand and foot print. He may never know her as a tiny newborn, but at least he could see something in reference to her size. He still has that photograph in our office area of our home.

For the second father’s day

we went the traditional route and made my husband’s favorite breakfast- Paleo biscuits and gravy, a personalized beer glass,  his favorite beer. My husband likes relaxing days at home where he can just hang out with his daughter, and since he was deployed for so much of her first year and his first father’s day, it was the best compliment to the day at hand.

For the third father’s day

I took my daughter to a Paint your Own Pottery location and she painted him a little blue whale all by herself. It was adorable and even though she ruined the surprise as soon as we got home, my husband promises to work up the “surprise” factor this year when he opens it. The plan is to put the whale in the garden he built our daughter so there’s a piece of him there all year round.


Grandparent Ideas

One year, we got my father in law a cute key chain with all his grandchildren’s names engraved on it. He still has it on his key ring. If we have more kids, I can easily add names to it and mail it for his keychain. Simple, easy, and he loves it.

If you’re parent/grandparent loves the outdoors this is a simple thing to have them add to their patio/garden/wood shed.

Both of our father’s LOVE to grill and so grilling spices make for easy gifts for sure!

Remember, it doesn’t have to be lavish, or expensive, it just has to show you care and that you appreciate them in the simplest form.

What’s a father’s day gift you normally do for that Dad in your life?