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When Your Inner Voice Feels Blocked (1)

I had the privilege of getting to demo a brand new planner, one that has more of a focus on spiritual development than others I have used. Personally, I’ve always admired the Monks as a cultural significance. I’ve loved how they were able to tap into their minds and spirit and fully immerse themselves in their religious practice. There is a calmness surrounding any Monastery and if you’ve never been to one before, I highly recommend it.

Here’s our visit to the Monastery in Prague when we were there in 2017 on a family vacation.  Isn’t it just breath taking even on a dreary and rainy day?


This planner, Monk Manual, is meant to bring greater spiritual awareness to what’s truly important in your life. I look at it more as a reflection planner, than an action oriented planner. I’m all about something that allows me to connect with my inner voice better.

The planner is broken down by months, weeks, and days.

monk manual image 7

Each Month  has check ins for priorities, how you feel in your relationships, finances, personal growth, what questions you have, a theme you might be focusing on, and a place for you to draw or write as needed.

monk manual image 2

Each week has an opportunity for you to list out your to-do list, track your habits, and reflect on what lessons you learned or difficulties you faced.

Each day section goes a little bit deeper into the discoveries made throughout a week. It allows you to really set aside time before your day begins to set intention and gain clarity and a time at the end of the day to reflect and connect after the day is done.

monk manual image 5

This is a very clean and simple design, which I feel is perfect for someone who is looking to gain a greater understanding of their soul mission and purpose. For some, the PowerSheets planner which I talked about earlier this month might be too much. Then, this planner is the perfect compliment. Each day is only a two page spread, it has just enough questions so that you can start to become clear about where you should be focusing your time, where your energy should be spent, who impacts your life in the most positive sense. Grab the monk manual here.