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We’ve recently been studying the moon cycles and how it affects our emotional well-being. Like everything in nature, there is a natural energy that ebbs and flows. The moon controls the rise and fall of our tides due to it’s gravitational pull – it only makes sense that if the moon can have control of so much of earth in the water sense that it also affects us as humans right?  Since starting to dive into more of how the moon affects us, we’ve also seen some rise and fall of personal and business in sync with the moon – tie that into me naturally tracking my menstrual cycle- it only makes sense the more and more we dive into it.

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Like nature, oils also have a natural energy to them. Oils have both a physical as well as an emotional property to them and since I’m the expert in postpartum mentoring (since I came up with that phrase) – I resonate best with the emotional property. Many of the oils we use in our home are due to the emotional side of the oil. We’ve now completed 3 Full moon rituals in our home. And by “we” I mean my husband and I. Yes, he does them too, and as far as he’s told me, he’s enjoyed it as well.

During our full moon ritual – we diffuse oils (and yes we still sage the area), and then we put different oils in our bedroom diffuser in order to truly reap the benefits of the full moon’s effects. I’m sharing with you our two diffuser blends that we personally use. Feel free to share it or try it yourself- let me know if you do try it- I love feedback!

Full Moon Ritual Diffusing Blend:

2 Drops Juniper Berry
3 Drops Clary Sage
2 Drops Wild Orange
3 Drops Cypress

Full Moon Bedtime Diffusing Blend:

2 Drops Cedarwood
2 Drops Myrrh
2 Drops Thyme
2 Drops Melaluca

Emotional Properties of the Oils

Juniper Berry: Oil of the Night
Clary Sage: Oil of Clarity and Vision
Wild Orange: Oil of Abundance
Cypress: Oil of Motion & Flow
Cedarwood: Oil of Community
Myrrh: Oil of Mother Earth
Thyme: Oil of Releasing & Forgiving
Melaluca: Oil of Energetic Boundaries

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