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As you can see, I’m on my second year of using Lara Casey’s PowerSheets Planner. Back in 2017 when I was scoping out the internet for a planner, I realized that I didn’t need an actual calendar. I schedule really well on my iCal and in my iPhone. But what I wanted was something that would help me brain storm, keep me on track with my goals, and allow me to create action plans in a tangible way.

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I also needed some deep personal soul searching to happen and I didn’t want anything super “religious” and I’m more of an action oriented person. PowerSheets provided enough in-depth questions and just enough to help me implement a plan and truly cultivate what was important in my year.

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I settled on PowerSheets and after a month or so getting used to how the planner operated, it became my daily dose of sanity throughout the year. Amidst our move, our month long trip to Ireland, and several other vacations, I was able to tackle my to-dos, grow spiritually, and enhance my action plans with my larger goals throughout the year.

The beginning of the planner has you dive into what fuels you, excites you, and worries you. I love this because I was able to get really honest and clear with the things that were holding me back from growth in 2017. By getting honest with myself, I was able to eliminate those fears and worries and focus on setting myself up for success.

When you get into the “Goal Setting” portion, it’s not just a typical “set a goal and set a date”. It walks you through some really critical brainstorming about why this goal is important, how it would make you feel, what you will do to celebrate, and how are you going to achieve the goal. I love that I am able to create this type of “Action Plan” with up to 10 goals. Leaves plenty of room for personal goals as well as business goals.

When you start to plan out your month, it breaks your action items down into Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. This is critical each week when I plan my to-dos. I sprinkle in a little bit of my monthly goals into my week plan, make sure my week plan includes my weekly actions, and then of course I have a daily tally to keep track of the super important stuff. For a while there, daily was “go outside” “meditate” “unplug”, but now those have become habits and I can focus on other types of daily items such as “promote my latest download” or “Quiet Time” for reflection.

At the end of the month, there’s a reflection space for you to look back over the month and give gratitude, what worked, what you need to give yourself grace for, who assisted you, and what you’re letting go of moving into the next month.

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There is also a quarterly review of your goals that you set. An opportunity for you to make sure your goals still align with where you are, look at what you need to change, or see if there is anything new that you need to focus on in the next 3 months ahead. This reflection time really made a huge impact in my life. Whereas I probably would have held onto things because I “set a goal” and it wasn’t complete. As my focus changed or my desires changed, I have no issues growing from where I originally was when I set my goals. Some things just wound up not being as important as others.

The planner also comes with some adorable stickers which I really love, it helps brighten up my daily view.

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If you’re in the market for an incredible planner, I HIGHLY Recommend PowerSheets. Grab a copy for yourself here. You won’t regret it!