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Why Cedarwood Is the Key To

Wood oils tend to be very grounding on the emotional spectrum. When you think about grounding, think about the roots of a tree, planted deep in the earth. Trees sway and flex as the elements change, but they do not break and snap unless under extreme, unbearable pressure. Using grounding oils will do the same for you. It will allow you to fully stand firm and withstand the storm as your roots will be rooted deep and it will take great effort to uproot you from the earth.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go through turmoil without the emotional upheaval? To look upon change and adversity with confidence and know that you can withstand the storm? Nice right? That’s how Cedarwood can help you.

Diffusion is mainly used for emotional support and there are many ways you can use essential oils in an aromatic sense. One of my favorite aromatic ways to utilize essential oils is making an inhaler to take with you.

How to Make an Inhaler

Place 25-30 drops of chosen essential oil in a small bowl. Using an organic cotton pad (so there’s no chemicals in the cotton to interfere with the essential oil) cut to size, soak up the essential oil from the bowl. Place pad into inhaler tube and close the end of tube with cap. Inhaler tube is now ready for use! Use as needed throughout the day.

Cedarwood oil also includes sesquiterpenes which have a strong calming and soothing property specifically to the nervous system, endocrine system, and emotions. So all avenues point to Cedarwood as a great essential oil aromatically for grounding and strengthening your emotional support.

Did you know that Cedarwood essential oil was considered by the Sumerians to stem from the Tree of Life? Diffuse Cedarwood with Cypress for a warm scent to promote feelings of confidence and self-esteem within the home. 3-4 drops of each in a diffuser should do the trick.

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